MUN Club: Exploring Global Issues, One Motion at a Time

President Euan Laru-an and PR Manager William Pan, presenting this week’s slideshow.
President Euan Laru-an and PR Manager William Pan, presenting this week’s slideshow.
Lea Wang

Stepping into C-105, one is immediately greeted by an atmosphere charged with anticipation. This unassuming room at Arcadia High School (AHS) serves as the heart of the Model United Nation Club’s (MUN) endeavors. 

Contrary to the prevailing misconception that people always think of MUN as something similar to Speech and Debate, MUN is arguably different.  MUN distinguishes itself by offering a more holistic and multifaceted experience. While both activities involve effective communication and research, MUN extends beyond public speaking to emphasize diplomacy, global issues, negotiation, and collaborative problem-solving.

Arcadia’s MUN club, led by a dedicated team of officers, extends this noble mission by creating a beginner-friendly and encouraging haven for students to acquire essential research and public-speaking skills. 

“Our club takes pride in our inclusive and friendly community that offers the students of Arcadia High School to delve into the realm of public-speaking and international politics,” stated MUN President senior Euan Laru-an. 

Club members meet every Tuesday in C-105, in Ms. Sasha McConnell’s room, where they are met with slideshows that delve into variations of different committees, committee mock simulations, and mod practices. Mods, short for moderated caucus, are a form of formal session of debate that occurs in each committee at each conference. Delegates are able to motion for a timed mod on a specific subtopic, providing an opportunity to highlight or debate different ideas. This process holds the potential to aid in identifying potential allies or countries that share a similar stance. 

“We often use moderated caucuses in our meetings as they are a great teaching for speaking and research skills,” stated junior Lizzie Gladson-Pang. “They provide an opportunity for delegates to come up with speeches and responses on the spot.”

However, there’s a catch: committee delegates are always uncertain about which moderated discussion motions will be approved by the chairs (moderators of the committee or judges).So, delegates must be adept at improvisation, as they need to generate a speech on the spot.

“Practicing improvised speeches has really helped me get over my fear of public speaking,” stated senior Anushka Rajendra. 

Besides learning the basic public speaking and researching skills, MUN club is all about having fun! Specifically it strives to provide a community where friendships will flourish and an environment where members will motivate each other. 

“My favorite part [was]  experiencing my first conference (BruinMUN) at the University of California, Los Angeles with my friend as a dual delegate. It was so cool seeing how the conferences worked!” stated sophomore Drew Yang, when asked about what was his favorite part. 

It is unquestionable that MUN club offers a warm and inviting environment. If you have a passion for global affairs, diplomacy, and collaborative problem-solving, or if you’re simply curious and eager to explore a new avenue, the MUN club might just be the ideal place for you! So stay in your seats and get ready to make a motion—attend the committee at C-105 for an enriching experience!


Photo by Lea Wang

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