The Arcadia boys celebrate their victory together!
The Arcadia boys celebrate their victory together!
Joshua Chen

Boys Varsity Soccer Scores Against Burroughs

As the first month of second semester continues on, Arcadia High School’s (AHS) Boys Varsity Soccer starts it off with a bang. They won their game against Burroughs High School (BHS) with a score of 1-0, on Jan. 16. The match was a relentless back and forth between the teams, with the winning point being made at the last minutes.

The game began at 3:30 p.m, and both teams were evenly matched. The ball went back and forth as both teams attempted to score. It bounced out of bounds many times, and both teams continued to chase it with a passion. On several occasions the AHS goalie made several close saves, catching the ball as it flew dangerously close to the net.

Both AHS and Burroughs continued to race back and forth on the field with coaches on both sides yelling out plays and tactics as members ran. Audience members cheered and sighed as the ball continued to miss the goal. 

As the first half ended and halftime started, both teams hadn’t scored a goal yet. Both teams began to discuss strategies for the second half of the match. Soon the  sun was slowly moving westwards, and halftime had ended and the  second half of the match began. 

Players on both teams continued to play with all their might, not a single goal had been scored yet. However with 9 minutes to spare, senior Jaden Harriman scored the winning goal of the game, making the score 1-0.

When asked how he thought the second half went, senior Harry Hairapetian said there was, “a lot of hustle from the boys on this team and we showed aggression.”

After the goal, the team began to play much more aggressively against Burroughs, as the ball flew back and forth across the field. Team members cheered each other on as players continued to attempt to score with close calls on both sides. 

“Given [that] you can always improve, one thing I wish our team could [stop playing so recklessly],” stated Hairapetian, when asked how he thought the team could improve.

 A line was made and both teams high fived each other and congratulated the opposing team on the match. A rousing cheer for Boys Varsity Soccer as they take home a win. Go Apaches!


Photo Courtesy of Arcadia DCI Intern Joshua Chen

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