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Varsity Girls Water Polo Wins Against Glendale

Ainsley Najafzadeh

In a nail-biting showdown on Jan. 16, Arcadia High School’s (AHS) Varsity Girls Water Polo team emerged victorious in a high-stakes match against Glendale High School (GHS). The game showcased exceptional teamwork, strategies, and a resilient spirit, ultimately leading to Arcadia’s triumph 15-13.

This game against Glendale was particularly crucial because “Glendale was undefeated as of that point in the league standings,” said Coach Janice Clark, Head Coach of the Girls Water Polo team. 

“We already had one loss to Burroughs in an earlier overtime game. Since the points from wins carry into the league playoffs, it was very important that we try to beat Glendale so that they would also have a loss,” she added.

From the start, the team demonstrated the importance of teamwork and communication. Players called out names for whoever was to receive the ball and executed powerful throws, sometimes traveling as far as halfway across the pool. The synergy among teammates was evident as they sprinted to take the ball and demonstrated spot-on techniques. They tactically passed the ball to each other, avoiding opponent interception with split-second decision-making. 

“This was a great example of how working as a team can really show how all of the practice and hours that we’ve been putting in is making us the best we can be,” said senior Team Captain Bella Cohen. 

Team member and sophomore Amy Crissey commented, “We all had fun playing, and it felt as though we were a well-oiled machine by the end. We got into the routine that worked and held strong against one of the toughest opponents so far.”

The match unfolded amidst cheers from coaches and spectators, with AHS in distinct red caps facing off against Glendale in white. As the game progressed, competitiveness heightened along with intensity. The Apaches took an early lead with a score of 1-0, but Glendale fought back, creating a closely-matched competition at 2-2. The game spirit peaked, with both teams displaying speed, strength, and determination to secure victory. 

“The game was a real nail-biter with one side always one up or one down or tied. Arcadia’s shooting lacked some confidence in the first quarter. I believe the girls were a little uptight about the game,” said Coach Clark. 

Glendale briefly took the lead at 5-6 as the clock ticked down, setting the stage for an exhilarating comeback. The team, however, demonstrated resilience, tying the score at 6-6. The game intensified, reaching a tied score of 13-13 in the final moments. Arcadia secured a lead of 15-13 during the six minute overtime period, sparking passionate cheers from spectators. 

Coach Clark praised the team’s resilience to the end, stating how the group “never gave up and continued to pull together throughout the game. The shooting got tighter, and the defense was outstanding. With very little time left in regulation, we were able to get a shot in to tie it up. We got two more goals in the overtime periods, and our defense did not allow another Glendale goal. So, it was a very happy ending, thanks to the team really focusing and never giving up.”

Defeating Glendale was significant because “It put us above [Glendale] because of the score differentiation, so now [AHS is] at a way higher standing,” said Cohen. 

Regardless of the constant challenges that the team faced, the Apaches persisted and were locked in on their primary objective—securing victory. Their dedication to the sport and their team was evident throughout the game, as they remained resolutely united despite overwhelming odds and relentless opposition. 

“Glendale was a tough team to beat. They were our second league game, and we broke their winning streak,” stated Crissey. “We all played our parts wonderfully, and I’m very proud of our performance today.”

“This game is just the first game to succeed for us, and I have high hopes that we will continue to succeed in these upcoming games and do the best we can in the league,” Cohen commented. 

Ultimately, the AHS Varsity Girls Water Polo team celebrated a hard-fought triumph, showcasing the power of teamwork, dedication, and strategic gameplay. This victory marks success against a formidable opponent and is a testament to the team’s unwavering spirit as they progress in the league.

Photo by Ainsley Najafzadeh

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