The gym’s literal purpose is to make incorporating more exercise into our lives more accessible.
“The gym’s literal purpose is to make incorporating more exercise into our lives more accessible.”
Rachel Lee

Students Should Aspire to Become “Gym Bros”

After a long day of school, extracurriculars, and even more hours spent on homework and studying, the last thing most people would think to do is go to the gym. It’s just too tiring; your mind is already strained and your muscles extra sore from being hunched over a desk for so long. However, a weekly hour-long, or even 30-minute, gym session yields all sorts of benefits, making it the perfect addition to a student’s hectic schedule.

The representation of “gym bros,” meaning insanely jacked, muscular guys who flex their biceps and rip off their shirts, does seem a little excessive. These bodybuilder-like influencers lead the growing hype around health and fitness for many people. In this excitement to “get fit,” gym bro culture has boomed in popularity. This idea, geared towards young men, nurtures a feeling of camaraderie and boyhood within the gym. The gym becomes almost like an escape from reality; where people go to get over breakups, change themselves, and simply emerge as an entirely different person. As emphasized by the gym bros of social media, the gym is a place of healing and therapy.

Yes, “gym bro culture” might seem a little intimidating; a bunch of masculine guys whose whole personality is going to the gym. It might even seem shallow and obsessive. But the diverse gym community has so much to offer—a place for friends to support each other, or a haven for those who would prefer to be alone and concentrate on themselves. 

“According to a study published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, exercising with a partner can improve performance over time,” noted Autumn Jones, a blogger for Planet Fitness. “This is why many gyms bring members together through special interest groups such as running clubs and multi-person training sessions.”

Spending this time bonding with others while simultaneously doing physical activities is the ultimate way to destress after a long day. Talking with others can help take your mind off school and other work-related thoughts, while “physical activity may help bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins,” said the Mayo Clinic Staff.

Additionally, the concept of a gym has its roots in a society where a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. The gym’s literal purpose is to make incorporating more exercise into our lives more accessible. With diabetes and obesity rates climbing higher and higher every year in children and adolescents, it’s important now more than ever for high school students to build healthy habits. 

“Going to the gym has helped me with my physical health and appearance,” said freshman Dean Tang, who started going to the gym this year. “Not only that, but my mental health as well. That’s why I’ve been able to maintain a consistent schedule for so long.”

Physical and mental health go hand in hand; from a young age, children are taught to obsess over their own and others’ bodies. As they enter their teenage years, almost all people will struggle with body image and insecurities. The gym can help others work toward their goals and feel more confident in their own bodies. A positive gym community can boost one’s confidence and teach us to become more secure and content with ourselves; it’s not just about change, but also about acceptance.

There are clear benefits to taking part in physical activities, and the gym is a location where people know they can feel safe while they work toward their fitness goals. Gym bro culture can help students both academically, physically, and emotionally. The gym is a positive and thriving community, and being a gym bro doesn’t just mean you get to flex your muscles. It’s about building healthy habits, improving yourself, and meeting others who also strive to make themselves better every day.


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