Athlete Feature: Skye Escobedo

Amazing soccer player on the Varsity Girls Soccer team!
Escobedo battles it out with a player from another school for the ball!
Escobedo battles it out with a player from another school for the ball!

As Girls Varsity Soccer continues on, Skye Escobedo, one of the captains of the team, continues to play at her best. Now in her senior year, she balances the sport she loves with all the other requirements of being a student athlete. 

“So I grew up watching [my brother] play. So it was kind of just natural for me to also do the sport he did,” she said when asked how her soccer journey started.

Escobedo started her journey in soccer when she was three-years-old, as her family members are huge fans of soccer, with Escobedo growing up watching her brother play the sport.  At first it was a recreational sport that she played for fun, but as time went on Escobedo began to compete more competitively. Joining her middle school team she  played all three years on the school’s soccer team competitively. With her continuing the trend at Arcadia High School (AHS), as Escobedo joins the team freshman year, and continues to play for AHS even now during her senior year.

Even though much of her time is dedicated to soccer, she still balances her  other classes and schoolwork. With Escobedo also in advanced theater, she still finds time for everything, even hanging out with friends and doing activities she enjoys.

“I try to get all my homework done during the day, but also make sure that I spend my time doing things that are valuable like hanging out with my friends,” said Escobedo.

Escobedo loves leading the team, as all the members have the same drive and motivation to win. With similar passions, it makes it easy for the soccer team to build trust and friendships or strengthen existing ones within the team.

“This team has such a special place in my heart because all my best friends are on there, and so leading this team is easy,” Escobedo stated. 

One of Escobedo’s most accomplished moments in soccer was a hard goal she scored during her sophomore year at CIF quarterfinals.

“I felt like I put something I loved into something that would benefit other people and it was a really good moment,” she said.

It is clear that Escobedo shows something that all athletes  should embody when on the field: the passion and drive to play and support your teammates. As the second semester is around the corner, it will be amazing to see how Escobedo and the captains lead the team. Go Apaches!

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