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Thank You, Dreams


No matter how the day goes, I always look forward to going to bed and submerging into another dream, another adventure that my subconscious drives me into. I wake up every morning, half-immersed in the visions my brain had for me that night. Through my dreams, I am able to live another life where I experience things I have always wanted. Every night, I heal and somehow come out of it happier and stronger. 

There isn’t one dream I’ve had that has disappointed me. Each storyline, every character, all the emotions feel incredibly heightened. Sometimes, I think that these dreams could be made into a movie. 

I have had some significant moments in these dreams. Moments that I will never forget. These times made me feel truly alive, and I experienced things I hope to have one day. These things include passion, love, adventure, friendship, and family. Each dream is so unique, detailed, and vivid that every feeling you have feels magical and special. I thank my subconscious for all those different experiences. 

Having people you know appear in your dreams is probably the best feeling ever. It’s like when an actor makes a cameo appearance in your favorite TV show. The excitement of telling them they were in your dream and all about the crazy stuff that happened in your dream is the most fun thing. 

Another thing that’s thrilling is seeing your favorite TV/movie characters or celebrities in your dreams. I have gotten to have the time of my life immersing myself in the different worlds and getting to know and be with these characters. It is a dream come true, and honestly, it fulfills those fantasies of wanting to be in it in real life. 

Sometimes, a dream I had a while ago will continue in another dream I have, which is the most peculiar but best feeling. My brain captures the previous dream in such detail but continues it seamlessly leaving me mindblown. It makes me feel so happy that I got to go back and see it again. 

There are often times when I feel emotionally stuck, when I don’t know how to express myself or I don’t know what exactly I am feeling. I also have things that are suppressed deep within me. These things are often uncovered in my dreams, as if my subconscious is helping me understand my feelings. After seeing it through a dream, I am more aware of myself and realize what I need to work on. 

My subconscious has been outdoing itself with its dreams my entire life, and I am so glad that I can have these dreams every night. I learn so much from these dreams, and they tell me about myself and the way I view the world around me.


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