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Thank You, Rice Ball


In the midst of the chaos and whirlwind of my years at Arcadia High School, there was a silent, steady presence that helped me navigate the storm. A presence that, despite being non-verbal, spoke volumes of love and support. That presence was my beloved Ragdoll cat, a white angel with black ears, feet, tail, and nose. He brought angelic solace to my life.

High school is often a tumultuous time in a young person’s life. Balancing my academics, extracurricular activities, and the ever-challenging quest for self-identity is overwhelming. However, in those moments of doubt and stress, Rice Ball (my beloved cat) was my unwavering companion, offering solace that was beyond words. His presence gave me a sense of calm in a state of confusion and chaos.

The choice of the name ‘Rice Ball’ for my cat held a deep and personal significance. Much like my beloved sweet treat, Rice Balls, I often indulge in –white mochi on the outside and filled with rich black sesame within–my cat resembled the same delightful contrast. His pristine white fur coat that enveloped him, and his striking black ears were reminiscent of the delectable filling inside a sweet Rice Ball.

Beyond just the visual resemblance, the name “Rice Ball” also represented the same joy my cat brought to my life as my favorite sweets. Just as biting into a Rice Ball could bring an instant smile to my face, so did the presence of my furry friend. He was a source of sweetness in my life, offering comfort, solace, and unconditional love.

One heartwarming gesture was Rice Ball’s willingness to expose his soft belly to me whenever needed. It was as if he knew I needed a haven to exhale worries and inhale serenity. His fur, the rise and fall of his breathing, became a sanctuary for my restless soul.

As I nestled my head in his belly, stress melted away. His purring, a symphony of contentment, whispered, “You are not alone; everything will be okay.” In his warm embrace, I found respite from high school challenges.

Rice Ball’s presence was a constant source of strength and reassurance. His understanding eyes seemed to hold universal wisdom. Though non-verbal, he became the confidant to whom I poured out my thoughts. His gaze and purring were the encouragement I needed to move forward.

Beyond physical comfort, Rice Ball taught valuable life lessons – embracing the present, finding joy in simplicity, and appreciating unconditional love. His companionship was a priceless treasure, especially during the tumultuous seas of adolescence.

As I reflect on my past three and a half years in high school, gratitude overwhelms me for Rice Ball’s unwavering companionship. His gift of comfort, with his soft belly as a stress relief canvas, guided me through the storm. Now, entering the world of college applications, I carry the lessons and love bestowed by Rice Ball. He shaped me into a more compassionate, resilient individual. Thank you, my dear Ragdoll cat, for being my furry angel in those most stressful Arcadia High School days. Your love and comfort were my guiding light, just like the sweet joy of your namesake.

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