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Why Trae Young Is Severely Underrated


When looking at Trae Young’s NBA career, he’s one of the most impressive NBA players currently playing in the league. Young plays the point guard position for the Atlanta Hawks and is an all-star. He is also a smaller guy by NBA standards. He stands about 6’1’’ and usually plays at a weight of 164 lbs. Trae Young is the most severely underrated player in the NBA. 

Young started out his basketball career through college basketball during his season with the Oklahoma Sooners, a season in which Young became the first college player to lead the United States in points and assists. 

While watching Trae Young hoop, the crowds are constantly amazed by his wonderful offense. Young has 8,990 points and 3,285 assists in his career. He still has yet to win a Championship and just missed the NBA Finals games last season. With time, though, you can see the improvement in Trae Young’s game.

However, he is definitely a huge standout within his team. In fact, the Atlanta Hawks over the last three years are plus -2.9 with Young on the floor and minus -0.7 without him. The plus/minus system reflects on how the team did when the player was on the court. The point being that he is a valuable asset and shooter. 

Junior Nathan Chan, was “memorized by Young’s performance as he dropped 28 points that night.” He said, “Young remains one of my favorite players and I look forward to his future in the NBA.”

Many analysts look down on Trae Young’s game particularly his defense as he got taken out of one of the final games a few years back. However, Young has definitely been working on it and has actively gotten better. For instance, his steals per game have nearly doubled and are up 0.3 from last season. 

Trae Young is currently averaging 22 points per game which is very respectable. His career three-pointer percentage is 35% which is also quite good. He is currently averaging the 32nd most points, which might not sound impressive but it definitely is. In fact, NBA commentator Mike Breen once said, “Trae doesn’t average the most points but he still is a great shooter and can score 30, 40, or 50 in a game.” His current high is currently 55 points within a single game. 

When asked about Trae Young, sophomore Vishnu Vingledash said, “He is definitely one of the most sneaky and underrated players still playing today.” 

Young is ranked 2nd only behind Tyrese Haliburton of the Indiana Pacers. His current average is 10.4 which is truly impressive and this speaks on his magnificent IQ and playmaking skills which led to wins. 

Young is also an equally valuable player for his assists because of his high ball IQ and knack for making winning plays. 

Trae Young is also very well-liked and has his own fanbase. His name is always triggering strong conversations amongst NBA analysts and oddsmakers.

Junior John Liu said, “His game keeps you intrigued and focused on your television screen. I think he’s one of the greatest three point shooters.”

With Trae’s ever-expanding fanbase, it is very clear that he is the most underrated player in the NBA. His smooth game style also makes him someone to look out for when it comes time to create the 2024 Olympic Team because besides Stephen Curry no one is safe and many forecasters are saying Young could sneak in and take a spot in the line-up.

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