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Why It’s Beneficial To Do Interning


An internship is a great opportunity to discover new job paths you may want to explore. When you experience something for the first time, in a real life situation, you get to discover whether or not you would like to dedicate yourself to that career field before making any commitments. 

As a senior at Arcadia High School, I plan on going to a four year college where I can pursue teaching and follow in the footsteps of my mother. I have spent quite some time studying the paths best for me and what I want to achieve, and a major part of becoming a teacher is interning and getting hours of firsthand experience. 

Sophomore Robert Zamacion also has interest in becoming a teacher and said, “even though I’m just a sophomore, when I do start college I plan on doing a lot of internships that will really help prepare me for the job that’s right for me.” 

First off, the experience you will get is valuable as you will be exposed to the working environment. When entering the workforce, you will be competing with many other peers for a job opportunity, and one of the biggest standout qualities is people with professional experience. 

As an intern, you will gain additional experience and added skills you can add to your resume. You will also be giving yourself the opportunity for a lot of personal growth. Students who intern have a much easier transition to a permanent job as they feel more accustomed to the environment and know their role within the workplace much better. 

Secondly, you will be gaining much needed communication and problem-solving skills. Throughout college, you will also be practicing this with college coursework; however, that will not be in the forefront. Interning will allow you to specifically figure out your role and how to communicate within a business environment. 

You will need to learn the minute differences between behavior in the two opposite settings and how to build those skills in yourself. 

Lastly, you will be making professional connections through interning. Now, this mostly applies to the business world but can be helpful within all industries. 

There may be a few opportunities that will allow you to introduce yourself to professionals at different levels in the business world. The relationships you gain could prove to be useful in the future as references or even in your transfer to the business world. 

Several of the students at AHS engage in internships throughout the year, even more so during summer. Students discover these opportunities through their peers, online research, or by proactively contacting organizations where they aspire to work. 

Ms. Moreno said, “I strongly endorse the pursuit of internships and volunteer opportunities as they offer students a valuable means to acquire hands-on experience and confirm their career interests.”

When it does come time to start out in the workforce, most people find a mentor and that turns out to be the most useful opportunity. A mentor will give you valuable advice and feedback. A mentor can be useful in your transition into the workplace. 

While interning, you will also most likely make new friends which is a hidden benefit. Through interning, you will meet new people that you might  never have crossed paths with. 

For all of these reasons, I strongly recommend you to consider interning when the time comes for you to enter the workforce and pursue a full-time career. The experience and benefits are truly wonderful!


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