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Horror Nights is Back!

As anyone who’s ever been to horror nights will tell you, never go alone.
Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood.

Costumes, pumpkin spice, and horror movies. Friends and families are starting to gather around for the festivities all around.

Spooky season is finally back, and fans are lining up for the enchanting nights at their favorite amusement parks. Parks are being decorated and surrounded by frightening characters haunting spectacles. The famous Horror Nights at Universal Studios is celebrating its 32nd year of scary nights, and there’s no doubt that fans are lining up for their night at the park.

It’s estimated that 30 to 35,000 people attend Universal Studios’ Horror Nights yearly because of the frightening actors around the park. As you walk around the park, these horror characters will follow you to trap and scare you. While the characters get scarier each year, fans love the feeling of the frights from the park. As a child, Halloween might be all about trick or treating and jack-o-lanterns but at Universal Studios, your Halloween experience will change into memories of a spooky night.

The tickets for the park range from $77 to $200, but what makes them cost that much? The amusement park puts in all its effort to impress visitors who want a frightening experience, adding up to over $100 million for decor each year estimated by reporters. The amount of money put into the park’s event shows their dedication to amuse or terrify visitors in this situation. Thousands of visitors walk through the park so that they can be amused by the terror. As you walk through the sets you may be thrilled by the fright. “Walking through the sets was cool, especially the Jordan Peele portion. The actors definitely portrayed their characters from the movies and scared us,” said sophomore Emily Cisneros.

As anyone who’s ever been to horror nights will tell you, never go alone. The motto easily tempts groups of friends and families to test out the terrifying experience. The eight unique haunted houses bring out a different scare to each visitor while having a story behind them. Each haunted house has different actors for their several themes in each area. The Universal Studios assures visitors that they will be leaving the park in fear.

Lastly, the event wouldn’t be possible without its skilled actors, as they never fail to surprise a visitor with a scare. The scare actors at the park bring out vital reactions from visitors, making them come out crying and scared. There are hundreds of people walking around the park during the visit. So once you get distracted, BOO actors are on their way to scare you.

“The actors certainly scared me and my family, especially after walking through the mazes/houses,” Cisneros said. The haunted houses are filled with actors who portray their characters well. With eight unique haunted houses, the park attracts visitors who are looking for a good scare.

Universal Studios’ Horror Nights isn’t just scary, it leaves you with an unforgettable experience from the park rides and freaky characters all around. You won’t know how terrifying it is until you try it yourself!

Photo courtesy of FLICKR

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