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New Staff Feature: Mrs. Randazzo


The 2023-2024 academic year is off to a fantastic start, with new staff from various backgrounds joining Arcadia High School (AHS) to help students reach their full potential. Mrs. Melissa Randazzo is a wonderful addition to our school’s administrative staff, bringing genuine inspiration to the group and also a blend of professional skills. Mrs. Randazzo has been with AHS for over five years and is new to her position as an attendance technician.

Prior to this, Mrs. Randazzo was in her sophomore year of college when she accepted an internship at Sanofi in their Human Resources department. Later she accepted a full-time position in their business department. From there, she was recruited by an auditing company. She said that during this time she was “locked in a conference room with financial binders, [and] it was not very fun.”

She remained an auditor while juggling being a parent, managing a home, and volunteering at her son’s elementary school. Mrs. Randazzo realized how much she loved working with children while volunteering at her son’s school. 

“I loved making sure [the students] were having fun, enjoying school… Showing them how to be kind.” When her son entered third grade, Mrs. Randazzo moved to Arcadia. She was later offered a position at Longley Way Elementary School.

Mrs. Randazzo’s current responsibility is working in the Attendance Office. She considers the work to be highly fulfilling because it allows her to pursue her interests while helping students. Additionally, because Mrs. Randazzo follows an established school schedule, she has more time to spend with her family. This is something that she deeply appreciates. 

“Spending time, just celebrating everything with family and friends is what I love the most,” said Mrs. Randazzo.

When asked about her ideals as an administrative staff member, Mrs. Randazzo said, “I try to make sure students have what they need to do the best that they can do.” It is evident that Mrs. Randazzo is compassionate and dedicated to the success of the students at AHS.

A fun fact about Mrs. Randazzo is that she is a big-time crowd cook. She enjoys preparing lots of food for a lot of people, and she loves hanging out with her friends, family, and dog! 

Mrs. Randazzo highlighted a wise reminder for students, “Time is the most valuable asset.” 

Take it from Mrs. Randazzo—because once you waste time, it’s gone forever. And unlike money, the memories you create with your loved ones will last a lifetime. 

We are so excited to welcome Mrs. Randazzo and all the wonderful new staff who are joining us on this school year’s journey. Best of luck to everyone and let’s make this school year an unforgettable one!


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