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SZA is the Best Female Artist Right Now

R&B singer and songwriter, SZA singing at her CTRL Tour in 2017.

In the past few years, SZA has skyrocketed her way to the top of most billboards for music. SZA is an R&B singer-songwriter but includes many elements from other subgenres such as soul and hip-hop. She is a personal favorite of mine, and I’m very excited for where her career will go from here.

My favorite song of hers would have to be “Kill Bill.” SZA takes the story about an ex-bride getting revenge on her boss and applies it to her own life, to magnificent appeal. However, many won’t connect the song to the Quentin Tarantino film that I love which is Kill Bill. Besides sharing the same title, they also share a similar storyline.

In the Uma Thurman led film, her character sets out for vengeance on her boss and his team of assassins after they do something that makes her feel her own vulnerability. SZA also expresses this same vulnerability as her lover is slipping away from her throughout the song.

My second favorite of hers would have to be “Nobody Gets Me.” I regularly listen to SZA’s interviews, and one in particular piqued my interest. The clip was from a London interview and was part of the U.K. leg of her SOS tour in which SZA spoke about one of her failed relationships. The failed relationship actually sparked in London.

SZA said, “I never told anybody, but like, my boyfriend cheated on me in this city before.” That was so heartbreaking to me because I could hear the heartbreak in her voice. SZA says, “This song (“Nobody Gets Me”), is a story about my ex-fiance, and how we went through all these arguments and ultimately broke-up.” She adds how hard it is to overcome that sadness initially, but how her fanbase is helping her take a step in the right direction.

For my third favorite song, I am going with an underrated pick and that of “Snooze.” This song I feel is very underappreciated as nobody is talking about it in comparison to her other songs.

The main theme of this song couldn’t be more true and that being that love is a dangerous game. SZA portrays her lover as someone who is involved in a lot of illegal activities. She compares her relationship to a fire that she is willing to face for him and that makes her feel like Scarface, another great movie reference I love.

However, the most important theme of “Snooze” is empowerment. SZA sings that she can’t lose when she is with her lover and that he makes her feel more important than when by herself. Through her journey though, she learns she is her own day one, and all she needs is herself. I found those lyrics so profoundly beautiful.

SZA also loves her fans dearly and deeply thanks them for all the love and support. She is a true modern-day icon, and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Photo courtesy of FLICKR

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