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The Comeback of 2014

Skinny jeans. Smudged eyeliner. Teen Vogue. It’s 2014, baby!
Time traveler from 2014. Do not feed!

Skinny jeans. Smudged eyeliner. Teen Vogue. World Cup. Brandy Melville. Starbucks. eos Lip Balms. The “It” girl was an avid Victoria’s Secret shopper who cruised The Grove every weekend. This year was none other than the iconic 2014.

It is no surprise that with the resurgence of Y2K, another trend is bound to rise again. Only, in 2023, the newest trend is the “2014 Lifestyle”. With social media influencers posting in overly filtered pictures, others have quickly embraced this shift by finding their old iPods and rereading The Fault in Our Stars. But the return of 2014 is not any random event. Older Gen Zers are finally able to reminisce about simpler times, while young Gen Zers are ecstatic to live out their current teenage years as an “aesthetic” high schooler in the early 2010’s. 

One of the leading factors for the revival of 2014 would be fashion. The “indie sleaze It girl” aesthetic has been embraced ever since low-rise jeans and full-length tank tops reemerged. UGGs are worn daily, and big pink bows are seen on every occasion. 

Sophomore Leia Noji has kept up with the trend of romanticizing 2014 since it first appeared. She shared her thoughts on how the trend came to be.

“I first saw the 2014 trend coming back from a video on TikTok featuring G-Eazy songs with an overexposed pink tint,” said Noji. “The video had girls with low-rise jeans and chunky belts, reminding me of the teenagers I used to see as a child. Also, Bieber Fever is resurfacing! I see younger kids on Instagram Reels in awe of Justin Bieber, just like we all were 10 years ago.”

In addition to style, music played a large role in 2014. The grunge girls lived by The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys, while the self-proclaimed “LA It girls” listened to songs produced by DJ Mustard. “Tumblr Girls”, often referred to as the 2014 anthem, recalls G-Eazy’s relationship with a so-called “Tumblr Girl”. The Tumblr Girl is distinguished by her social status and looks, the epitome of a 2014 teenager. “Tumblr Girls” have completely taken over social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Although repetitive, Generation Alpha, the newest generation, is now exposed to a multitude of genres of music, and unfamiliar artists.

2014 is now painted to be a carefree time period, with luxurious lifestyles and a focus on style and personal happiness. However, the reality was that Americans were still suffering from the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. There was widespread unemployment in various industries, citizens were frustrated with the government, there was a lack of healthcare coverage. While some argue the glamorization of 2014 could’ve been a coping mechanism to stray away from real issues in society, others berate the idea of being unaware of such matters. 

There is no doubt that the comeback of 2014 is running its course. After all, what’s better than a trend that allows us to reminisce about an uncomplicated life, idealizing girls that prioritize themselves and their happiness? Controversial or not, it is clear that the trend’s impact on fashion, music, and society overall from 2014 will be evident for years to come.

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