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Varsity Volleyball vs. Hoover

Ryan Parizadeh

The Arcadia High School (AHS) Girls Varsity Volleyball team swept Hoover High School in a thrilling game, winning three sets 3-0, on Sept. 9. They started and ended in the lead, with excellent communication between players throughout the game. 

“I think Arcadia is going to come out strong; we have a lot of good players out there,” stated AHS Varsity and JV Volleyball Coach Kurt Mulder, when asked how he thought the game would go.

“I’m excited to see what they bring to the table,” said freshman Angelina Zhao, starting setter for the Girls Varsity Volleyball team, when asked what she thought of Hoover. 

With Arcadia serving first, the score quickly raised in their favor. Members on the bench cheered loudly and enthusiastically for their teammates, whether they served or blocked a hit. There was no stopping the rapidly growing lead Arcadia earned, with the score becoming 11-5. Though there were a few close hits from Hoover, they were expertly saved by the back row. The gap only continued to grow with Arcadia having a 20-9 lead in the first set. In the end, Arcadia won the first set 25-11.

The second set started with Hoover serving and Arcadia getting the first point. Not even a minute later, Hoover was called for a penalty and the score became 4-0. Just like in the first set, Arcadia was able to gain a fast and strong lead with 11-2. Our team worked well with each other, covering blind spots and generally having good communication as they blocked incoming shots and got the ball over the net. The second set ended quickly, with Arcadia yet again dominating Hoover with a score of 25-7. 

When asked how she thought the game was going, junior Adelyn Wong, the libero/defensive specialist (DS) said “going great the second set our plays were running faster”

As the third set started, Arcadia served, and won the point. Hoover was hitting out left and right, and the score gap steadily grew. On the sidelines, enthusiasm rose as the other members of the Varsity Volleyball team cheered for their teammates on the field. As the ball was hit back and forth, Hoover ended up hitting the ball out of bounds, marking their defeat. With a score of 25-10, the Arcadia Girls Varsity Volleyball team won all three of their sets, making it a 3-0 game versus Hoover. 

“The game was fun and Arcadia did well. I enjoyed the team’s enthusiasm,” said freshman Rebecca Tsai, who was watching the match. 

The team did amazing and worked really well together. Cheers to the team and may there be many more victories to come. Go Apaches!

Photo by Ryan Parizadeh

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