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Pet Summer Safety


After a surprisingly long winter and spring season, summer temperatures have finally reached their highest in California. This July, temperatures reached an all-time high of 128 degrees Fahrenheit As families dive into pools, go hiking in the woods, and enjoy other outdoor activities, pet owners must be reminded to keep their fluffy companions safe from the summer heat.

During this intense heat wave, temperatures could reach over 100 degrees. Keeping cool is not only a way to stay comfortable;it’s also a necessity. At temperatures around 80 degrees or higher, it is important to watch for signs of overheating in your pets. Symptoms include but are not limited to: panting, drooling, lethargy, a rapid heartbeat, and fever. In some cases, overheating can lead to permanent damage to their internal organs, such as the brain, kidneys, and liver. In others, heatstroke can end in death.

Knowing the symptoms and how to treat heat stroke could save your pet’s life. Cooling down your pet is the most effective way to reduce heat stroke. This can be done by pouring cool water over your pet, bringing them to an air conditioned room, and increasing air circulation around them. Finally, get your pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible to evaluate the severity of their condition.

Preventing heatstroke and dehydration is the best way to keep your pet safe. Ensuring that water and shelter is available at all times will allow your pet to stay cool on their own. If possible, keeping your companion indoors during the day will keep your pet out of the sun and heat. If not, shade or shelter should be provided to protect your pet from the worst of the sun’s beams. Do not leave your pet unattended in a vehicle. Even in shade, temperatures in a car could easily rise to deadly levels. 

In addition to providing water and shelter, some pet parents like to make their pet’s life not only practical but comfortable. Sprinklers and kid pools will keep your pet cool and entertained. Additionally, a high quality cooling bed may be a useful addition to your pet’s home for them to lie on. The linked cooling bed is perfect for larger animals that are frequently outdoors such as dogs. It includes gel padding that aids in cooling down your companion quickly.

“Cooling beds might seem pretty unnecessary, but I would get one if it made my dog more comfortable during the summer,” said Sophomore Andy Yu. “If not, I would just keep my dog indoors during the hottest times of day and use water and air conditioning to keep them cool.”

Pets such as dogs that need to be walked regularly may injure their paws on hot pavement, so investing in a pair of dog boots could be useful. The linked dog boots are rated highly by customers of Petco. It also prevents any debris or sharp objects from cutting into your dog’s paws. These countermeasures can keep your dog safe from paw burns, but shifting your walk schedule to morning and evening patrol will allow you and your pet to evade the heat.

“In addition to their safety benefits, dog boots are also more hygienic,” said Yu. “After a walk, all you have to do is take off the boots and your dog will be clean and ready to head inside.”

Planning activities for your family can be fun and rewarding, but it is important to understand the risks that could potentially come with these activities. In outdoor activities, such as hiking or running, a supply of water must be readily available at all times. In water-related activities, pets need to be supervised, as they have the tendency to eat or drink the wrong thing. Salt water can lead to salt toxicity, and ingesting sand could result in an intestinal impaction.

Summer means fun and adventure! But the number one rule is always safety first. Keeping you and your companion safe will help make the trip easier, more enjoyable, and worry free.


Photo Courtesy of UNSPLASH.COM

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