Ms. Doezie’s Design Class 2023

Jodee Chen – the egg

This past school year, Ms. Doezie’s Design Class created innovative, fun, and beautiful designs. Here are some students and their thoughts on their work.


Jodee Chen
the egg:
This was for our Book Arts project,and I chose to do interior illustrations after switching from altering a book. I was originally going to do a book that had Strawberry Shortcake in it, but after consulting with Ms.Doezie, I decided it would be better to do interior illustrations. My idea was to do the letters of my name, since the book I chose was a dictionary. J for jukebox, O for orange, D for dairy cattle, E for egg, and E for a bug that starts with an E (I can’t remember haha, but it was green.) I just thought I could do the egg for fun, as eggs are very shiny and would be fun to paint.

“Alice in Wonderland” Typography:
I originally was going to do a landline phone and fill it will words that had to do with phones, but I was inspired by a BTS song called “Could You Turn Off Your Cellphone?” so I put the words in the shape of a landline. As always, I consulted Ms. Doezie about it, and she thought that a landline and a cellphone would be incoherent. I thought about it and agreed. After a lengthy 2 days, I was inspired by my Pinterest pins from my “Halloween costumes” board and started drafting it. Ms. Doezie came up with a good idea of making items from Alice in Wonderland surround the rabbit so it would look like a rabbit hole.


Amber Kauffman
For this assignment we were asked to design a room, I chose to create a bedroom because that sounded like the most fun. I really wanted my bedroom to be colorful and cozy and what’s cozier than bears? I decided to make a bear-themed bedroom where all of the furniture was inspired by bears.