Ms. Doezie’s Screen Printing Class 2023

This past school year, Ms. Doezie’s Screen Printing Class created innovative, fun, and beautiful designs. Here are some students and their thoughts on their work.


Alexis Rojas
For my poster, I was inspired by my uncle who first introduced me to Gorillaz and he rekindled my love for them recently. The idea behind the design was to put a spin on their most recent design of the band since it’s easily recognizable, the date being the actual release date of their Demon Days album, my favorite from their discography, and the iconic location based off of recent rumors of the band performing at Wembley Stadium. I hit a roadblock when doing my pulls, having to clean my screen, register, print, and repeat the whole process after each day of failure, but I ultimately realized that these road bumps were more like steps to success for the final product.


Marisa Gieson
My inspiration for this piece was the Arcadia World Line Percussion, a competitive percussion group. I wanted to make something to commemorate my time in percussion since this is my senior year. For this project, I chose to make a band tour poster, adding a personal touch by making it about our group, since we play music and also have competition days, which act as the tour dates.


Jared Carter
“Just So You Know” Poster
I’ve been inspired by the indie music artist Dave Crosby for several years and saw this project as a great way to express that. His songs are really deep, and about both love and loss, sometimes simultaneously. The heart, of course, represents love, and the fire and ice show the stark contrast between the pain and joy it can cause.

L’Oreal Paris Obama Poster
Done as a spoof of the well-known Obama Hope poster, I thought his majestic gaze was perfect to slap on a hair product box. I saw similar spoofs such as the “Thoreal Paris” with Thor, and the images of Chewbacca’s gorgeous flowing locks. I found a technique with mixing colors that allowed me to get the golden, shiny hair and love how Obama turned out as a hair model.


Michaela Sloss
I consider screen printing separate from say drawing because it highlights different values, ones that you have to think about during the process of creating a design. I tried to limit my designs to one or two colors both to challenge myself but also because that’s how I see screen printing differentiating itself from other forms of art, expressing the design with a limited but abstract palette, highlighting complexity with simplicity. I am someone who is bold in getting my points across, and I try to convey that in my ideas; if I have a message to say, I will say it loud and clear and BIG enough for people to see.


Ashley McGinn

I got my poster idea from a series I enjoyed and made designs for! This project was also an attempt at symbolism through placement of characters and color choice. I guess the issue here would be that some of the layers got misaligned during printing.


Amber Kauffman
My love for toy design inspired my process for this shirt. The most common toy people see is a stuffed bear and I have designed many bears in the past, but I really wanted to try to create a space-themed bear as space is one of my favorite things to paint.