New Assistant Principal: Mrs. Jung

Amish Jha, Staff Writer

The 2023-2024 school year at Arcadia High School (AHS) will begin with a brand new assistant principal. Mr. John Finn is retiring this year, and Mrs. Samantha Jung will be replacing him, while also focusing on discipline and curriculum.

Mrs. Jung, an AHS graduate, will begin her tenure next fall at her alma mater. She is transferring from Beverly Hills High School (BHHS), where she is undertaking the same position. In an interview, she detailed her interests, her passion for kids, and what she aspires to achieve at AHS.

Mrs. Jung is incredibly involved at her current high school, and is by far the most school-spirited administrator there. She believes this passion is very important and critical to being a connected and compassionate administrator. 

“One thing I want everyone to know is that I will go that extra mile. When you work at a school district, everyone around you starts to become like family, and that is what I have planned for AHS. I want to become a part of this community and be there for the admin and students,” said Mrs. Jung.

Mrs. Jung has two children, a boy and a girl, and says that they take up most of her time. To relax, she loves relaxing and watching some Netflix. 

“These days, I love watching true, real stories, sometimes crime based. But I love the rawness and the feel when you know a story is real,” said Mrs. Jung. 

But at heart, Mrs. Jung is a true adrenaline chaser. She is always willing to have a spontaneous adventure. 

“I love traveling; my favorite thing I did in the past few years was go to Australia,” she said. “I lived on a boat for three days and got to dive into the ocean three times.”

Mrs. Jung is excited to see the differences between BHHS and AHS. “I think they are similar schools, but the competitive energy at Arcadia is very unique. It is exciting to see how this plays out with my job.”

Students are very excited and anticipating Mrs. Jung starting at AHS next year.

“I think having a new administrator could be exciting because it is a new adult to see in the hallway, and a new person to work with,” said junior Ethan Chen.

We welcome Mrs. Jung with open arms and hope for her to have an amazing first year, where she achieves everything she hopes to.