Prom 2023

Anna Odell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As the school year comes to a close and final exams approach, many Arcadia High School (AHS) students are looking forward to summer break. To close off the year, the school held its 2023 Prom at the California Science Center on May 13, as a last hurrah for the students. 

The theme this year was “Lost in the Afterglow,” derived from the movie Tangled. In the weeks prior to the dance, numerous Promposals were orchestrated, which ranged from picnics and cakes to cute and creative posters. 

On Prom day, many friend groups and couples gathered to get ready and took photos of their planned outfits. The girls wore unique dresses and jewelry, and their hair was done to match the feel of the outfit. The men came dressed in suits that often paired with the color of their date’s dress. The crowd itself at the dance was a flurry of colors ranging from red to purple, and even in some cases, gold and silver.

“For me, the best part of Prom was getting ready with my friends. It was like a bonding activity for us,” said senior Dahlia Johnson.

Arriving at the dance was a separate matter. Some people took party buses with flashing lights and loud music, and some decided to carpool with their friends or dates. Either way, most people got to the dance closer to the 8 p.m. cut off because of the terrible traffic on the freeways and side streets. 

At Prom, there were a few activities that one could partake in, as well as some snacks in case anyone got hungry. There was a dance floor near the DJ, which was always cramped and chaotic in a good way. There were also a few caricature artists whose student-filled lines stretched far behind them. In their own style, they drew silly pictures that were sure to get laughs from the people they drew. In a separate room, there were two different photo booths. One produced the typical strip photos and the other created a little flipbook of the people who participated. For both types, the lines and the wait to get photos were long, but the pictures turned out wonderfully. It was a great way to keep a memory of the night and the people you came with. Lastly, there was a 360 photo booth machine which also proved to be popular. 

“The games or like activities offered at Prom were pretty fun,” said senior Chloe Ramirez, “I personally liked the photo booths the most.”

On the way out, volunteers handed out small makeshift lanterns, like the ones from the movie Tangled. The night proved to be fun for many, and especially for seniors, it was a great last dance of the year.