Commitment Feature: Devon Eskridge


Amish Jha, Staff Writer

Many Apache athletes have committed to a special college for their sport. One of these athletes is none other than Arcadia High School (AHS) senior Varsity Baseball player Devon Eskridge.

Devon Eskridge has committed to California State University San Marcos to further pursue his academics and love for baseball. Devon has played baseball ever since he was a little kid, and this is a milestone event for him. 

“I have been playing baseball for about 12 years now. As a kid, I started playing every sport but instantly gravitated towards baseball and was the best at it. As time went on, my love for baseball grew stronger and stronger each year, and ultimately when I got to high school, I decided to drop basketball and put all my focus into it. At times, baseball can get challenging, but the biggest thing I work on is staying level-headed and confident,” said Eskridge. 

Playing for so long and being on Varsity has allowed Eskridge to really understand himself and the sport, and use it to his benefit for his emotions.

“I have been so passionate about baseball throughout high school because I genuinely just love the sport. Once I step on the field, I remember to take advantage of all the experiences that come with playing baseball and cherish every moment. I enjoy the camaraderie and competitive environment that comes with the game. Also, I remember to be thankful, positive, and patient when I run into the trials and tribulations that come with the game. Being on Varsity baseball for the past three years has been the most surreal experience. It has brought me many fantastic memories such as winning the Pacific League Championship three years in a row. Not only that, but I have made many friendships that I will never forget.” stated Eskridge

Devon moved back to AHS during sophomore year from La Salle College Preparatory School. He believes this was very beneficial in his baseball career. 

“Coming to Arcadia was definitely the best decision I could have made in my life. Playing baseball here has made me positive, confident, and an overall leader on and off the field. I credit my coaches, teammates, and family for molding and making me into the person/man that I am today,” stated Eskridge.

At CSUSM, Devon expects to continue shining bright on the field.

 “My biggest goal going into high school was to get to the next level. Whether it was the junior college route or the university route, I ultimately wanted to play as long as I could. As soon as I started getting interest from schools in my junior and senior years, I knew it was possible. After all the hard work and dedication I put into the game, it finally paid off. After visiting and attending a camp at Cal State San Marcos, I received an offer and knew it was the right fit for me, so I ended up committing a couple weeks later to live out my baseball dream,” said Eskridge. 

Shedding blood, sweat, and tears in their sport is not uncommon for athletes at AHS. This commitment and fierce training approach has helped athletes like Devon get prepared for their sport at college.

“Baseball is going to play a huge role in my college experience. As of right now, we practice every day except for Sunday for about three hours a day and then have a one hour lifting and conditioning session. As spring comes around, I expect practices to become a little longer. The schedule will definitely be tough to juggle between school and academics. Knowing this, I feel the adjustment won’t be as hard since Arcadia has set me up so well in many ways,” said Eskridge. 

Devon is also incredibly excited about his academic path at CSUSM. He is majoring in political science and aspires to be a lawyer. We wish him the best of luck for his next four years!

Photo courtesy of Arcadia DCI Instagram