Apache Baseball Senior Night vs. Crescenta Valley

Sohana Sahni, Sports Editor

The Arcadia High School (AHS) Varsity Baseball team beat the Crescenta Valley High School (CVHS) Varsity Baseball team on Apr. 25 in a nail-biting game at Giambrone Field, ending with a score of 5-4. The game was a crucial one for Pacific League, with the Apaches currently standing second, with an 11-1 record and the Falcons claiming first in league with a 12-0 record. With CVHS undefeated in league so far, the Apaches need to win the next two games against Crescenta to clutch the Pacific League title. 

The game was also a personal one, as it was Senior Night for the nine graduating Apache baseball players Andrew Yonemoto, Nicholas Moreno, Ben Cooper, Kennan Wilson, Evan Huang, Brayden Herrera, Devon Eskridge, Chris Garcia, and Ian Hoffsetter. Coming into the game, the seniors were both sentimental and hopeful. 

“I’ve been playing with some of these guys since I was the age of 5 or 6, and moving up the ranks from middle school to high school has been really special to us. Especially this last year, we’ve built such a strong chemistry, and I feel like coming into one of our last final games against CV we have a good chance,” said Huang. 

The first inning started with Arcadia coming in strong with Hoffsetter as starting pitcher. After getting a quick three outs, Eskridge headed the Apache batting lineup with a line drive single deep in the outfield. Followed by Eskridge was Fernando Palencia, the junior infielder/pitcher leading their team in most offensive stats, with a double far into left outfield. Garcia followed Palencia with a double, leading to the first run of the game from Eskridge. Next up was Avery Truesdale, a sophomore infielder, who hit an impressive single, but got out on first after trying to steal second. With runners on the corners and two outs on the board, Herrera came up to the plate and hit a double, scoring an RBI and allowing Palencia to score a run, making the current score 2-0. 

As the second inning began, Arcadia came out with Hoffsetter on the mound again. As the inning commenced, the team worked efficiently, striking out the first batter and getting a quick out after a line drive to third from the second. With two outs on the board, Arcadia had runners on first and third base. After a quick single, CVHS got their first run of the game. Hoffsetter followed the run by striking out #7 from Crescenta Valley, getting the third out of the inning. With the Apaches up to bat again, freshman Maverick Silva got a single, and Eskridge followed him with a skillful bunt, ending up on first. Palencia followed behind with an RBI double, getting another run for Arcadia and making the score 3-1. With Chris Garcia next up, Arcadia scored another two runs from his single, evening the score to 5-1.

In the third inning, both teams came onto the field with vigor, and through skillful defense from both schools, the inning ended with no runs for both CVHS and AHS.

The fourth inning was headed off by a couple good swings from CV, and though the Apaches exhibited quick and skillful defense, CV ended with three more runs, making the score 5-4. The Apaches followed at bat and featured some great plays, notably another single from Silva and Garcia, yet ended with no runs, keeping the score at 5-4.

The following two innings were an intense battle between the two teams, but the Apaches stayed strong with a clean and impenetrable defense, keeping CV at bay and ending the game with a score of 5-4.

This win was not only an important one for Pacific League, but also a sentimental one for many of the departing seniors and underclassmen. 

“Since we’ve all been playing together so long, it was a really special moment, especially because it’s one of our last games all together. Playing against a tough rival like CV was a great atmosphere, along with all the photographers and people in the stands,” said Huang.

“Some of my best friends are seniors who I’ve developed close friendships with over the past several years. Watching them leave is a proud and heart wrenching moment,” said junior Roman Cicero. 

“I’m really proud of our team, and we’re gonna get the dub Friday,” said Cooper. 

In their next match against CV on Apr. 28, the Apaches came out victorious with a score of 11-2 and claimed their 4th straight Pacific League title. Congratulations to the Arcadia Baseball team for such a successful run, and good luck to them in their future endeavors! Go Apaches!

Photos by Skye Escobedo