The Importance of School Involvement

Amish Jha, Staff Writer

High schoolers are encouraged to join different clubs, organizations, and sports, but many do not take this seriously and don’t end up joining many or any at all. As a senior, you really understand why it is so important. Personally, I am very happy I joined The Quill, APN, and different clubs. Being in big organizations helps you have a support system at AHS, keeps you connected, and teaches you many different things. We asked our very own Apaches to explain.

Senior Katharine Tran talks about how her journey in ASB helped her high school experience greatly. 

“Being in ASB allowed me to help organize school events that I used to love from the spectator side,” stated Tran. “Now, I am able to help organize assemblies, other events, and seeing it all come together is very rewarding. It has helped me manage my time more and learn how to improvise whenever things don’t go as planned. I also made such amazing friends being in ASB.” 

Senior Makaila Cheng speaks about her experience as a Varsity Tennis Player at AHS. She talks about how being in a sport contributes to her overall being at AHS. 

“Playing a sport for AHS has given me positive attributes in my life,” said Cheng. “It has helped me improve my social identity at Arcadia High. I became more involved at school when I joined, and it also taught me how to play for a team. Tennis has helped me get so many places in my life so far; it got me to my dream college (the Naval Academy) and helped me grow as an individual.”  

Senior Ethan Tran talks about the benefits that came with joining Apache News.

“I think APN being a news-oriented program helps you keep up to date about a lot that occurs around Arcadia and with our school,” stated Tran. “It has also helped me progress in terms of learning more about media production and leadership.”

Senior Nicole Nie speaks about how being involved in a huge club changed her journey at AHS.

“When I became a Model UN Officer, it was the club’s first year,” said Nie. “Since the club was brand new, the other officers and I had to establish everything from scratch, such as lesson plans and conference logistics. Being an officer of a new club was hectic but allowed me to form close bonds with my peers through our countless trials and errors.”

English teacher and Head Track Coach Mr. Christopher Schultz, thinks being in a sport is extremely beneficial. 

“I think track kids learn to deal with other people and teammates and develop daily basis life skills of working hard and setting goals and achieving them,” stated Mr. Schultz. 

All in all, it isn’t too late to get yourself involved and connected at AHS, Apaches! Look out at club day next school year, and different recruitment campaigns.