The 55th Arcadia Invitational

Breeanna Pham, Staff Writer

Known for being the “Home of National Records”, the Arcadia Invitational is the most prestigious meet a high school track and field athlete could experience. Being the only meet in the top five in the country held by a high school, the Arcadia Invitational brought together 690 schools from 36 states with 1,281 marks being broken at this meet. Two National Federation marks were broken and 15 new national marks were made at this meet. The Arcadia Invitational took place on Apr. 7 and Apr. 8. 

In this meet, runner Sadie Englehart of Ventura High School ran the second fastest mile time in meet history with a time of 4:36.26, barely off her time of 4:35.16 from 2022. Additionally, runner Aaron Sahlman of Newbury Park High School ran the 800 in a time of 1:49.07, winning his heat. MacKenzie Browne from JW North-Riverside High School broke the invitational record by 10 milliseconds, running a 2:03.07. Dominating the 3000m and 3200m, Irene Riggs of Morgan Town, WV High School ran a personal record (PR) of 9:16.07 in the 3000m en Route and 9:52.66 in the 3200m. 

In the field events, the twins from Capital High School in Olympia Washington, Amanda and Hannah Moll, broke the record for the pole vault and vaulted 15 ft. on their first attempt. Additionally, Brennen McHenry from Brophy College Prep High School won the high jump, clearing 6’9 and winning the High Jump in the Invitational and coming in 10th for Long Jump. 

This year, five Arcadia Distance runners, discus thrower junior Emma Samvelian, and sophomore Reena Hsieh competed in the Arcadia Invitational. Senior Brandon Chang ran the 3200m on as well as the Mens’ Distance Medley Relay (DMR) on Saturday with teammates senior Weber Lin, junior Jack Lu, and sophomore Khalil Roslan. Hsieh ran a PR of 2:15, coming in 3rd in her heat. 

In preparation for their race, Lu stated that “prior to the race, we made sure to fuel our bodies with nutritious foods and stay properly hydrated. We took time to mentally prepare ourselves for the event and visualize ourselves successfully competing.” 

In general, the Arcadia Invitational was the best meet in its history, and it is all due to the success of the athletes that competed here. In addition to their successes, this meet would not have been possible without Coach Chris Schultz, meet director Rich Gonzalez, and the volunteers from the track team and the National Honors Society. 

Photos courtesy of Arcadia DCI interns Vania Ahmadi, Rachel Saw, and Hayden Wong