“Color Me Musubi” Last Junior Bonding Event Of The Year

Justina (Yijia) Liu, Staff Writer

Arcadia High School’s (AHS) Junior Council was thrilled to present the much-anticipated “Color Me Musubi” event, exclusively for juniors, on Apr. 12 in the bustling Rally Court from 3:30-5:30 p.m. As the final bonding experience of the year for juniors, Junior Council promised to make it a memorable one. 

The official event poster and Instagram posts generated excitement for fun activities, including Polaroid and mason jar decorating stations. Before the event, Junior Council members also hand-made delectable spam musubi and prepared refreshing Thai tea with boba for all participants to enjoy. 

“I was looking forward to this event,” said junior Max Cheung. “My friends had been asking me about this even before Spring Break.” 

With the school bell signaling the end of the day, juniors wasted no time flocking to the Rally Court. A snaking line quickly formed in front of the stamp booth, where diligent Junior Council members verified each student’s ID card, ensuring a smooth flow of the event. With a charming green stamp carefully pressed onto each hand, students eagerly moved on to the next booth to indulge in the delectable treats offered. 

“Everyone ran [to the Rally Court] like it was the school lunch,” commented junior Amritha Kumaran. “There were so many people in line. Luckily, luckily I walked really fast, so I could be one of the first in line.”

Despite the event starting half an hour after school dismissal, participants patiently lined up, eagerly anticipating the festivities. However, the diligent Junior Council members were quick to notice the lengthy queue and took proactive measures to ensure a timely experience for everyone. They commenced the activities 15 minutes ahead of schedule, displaying exceptional organizational skills and unwavering commitment to providing a seamless event. Their thoughtful consideration and proactive approach to managing the crowd exemplified their professionalism, leaving a positive impression on the participants and setting the tone for a well-coordinated and enjoyable event.

“I was going to be mad for waiting in line, but after getting the boba, it was worth it,” said junior Shuhao Chen. 

At the food and drink booth, students indulged in a delectable treat of free spam musubi accompanied by a charming pink napkin, along with refreshing Thai tea boba with multicolored straws. For those who did not prefer boba or had dietary restrictions, lemon ice water was also available as an alternative.

“It taste[d] so good! I love pork, and so the spam musubi was brilliant for me. Thai tea is good!” said junior Emily Yen. 

After indulging in the food station, students made their way to the picture booth, where Junior Council members were ready to assist them in capturing special moments. In front of the vibrant “Color Me Musubi” poster, students struck poses and snapped fun photos with their friends. Each student in the picture received a copy, which they could then take to the next station, the decoration station. There, they had the creative freedom to embellish their polaroids with personal touches and showcase their unique style.

“I got a polaroid. It is so cute. I love this event!” said junior Shirlyn Huang. 

“I like this, [I’m] just very sad that my boba spilled accidentally,” said junior Arya Desai. 

Set in front of the cafeteria, Junior Council Vice President Joyce Lee provided glass mason jars and a variety of decorative items for students to personalize them. Strings, colored papers, and other embellishments were available for students to let their creativity soar. The station buzzed with laughter and chatter as students expressed their unique artistic styles, fostering a sense of inclusivity and community. The experience left a lasting impression on all who participated, igniting a passion for artistic expression.

“I love the event. Especially when everything is free!” said junior Melanie Jiang. 

Overall, it was a successful last junior bonding event of the year and led many students to hope for similar events next year.