March For Our Lives Arcadia


Ava Shaw, Staff Writer

March For Our Lives (MFOL) Arcadia is a student-led youth organization based in our very own Arcadia community (not affiliated with Arcadia High School (AHS)). The organization focuses on promoting young voices and demanding gun reform. Their goals are to unite and give back to the community, as well as to spread awareness about gun violence and its devastating impacts. MFOL Arcadia also encourages young people to vote for gun safety candidates and hold politicians accountable.

One of the most impactful ways MFOL Arcadia educates others about gun violence is through social media. The organization has reached many people via Instagram, shedding light on topics such as safe storage and youth firearm suicide. Notably, the group posted about the “American high school experience” following a lockdown at AHS. The post gave a glimpse into a dark reality, touching on how the threat of gun violence in schools is eerily normalized. Photos taken by students showing barricaded classroom doors and armed police officers sweeping through the hallways of AHS were shared and seen by over a thousand people.

MFOL Arcadia also hosts monthly meetings for its members to attend in room D105. Officers discuss current events regarding gun violence and open up the conversation to attendees. Students brainstorm ways how to spread awareness and give back to those in need.

“My favorite part of the meetings is being able to talk with others about issues that are happening in our own backyard and plan together to make a difference,” said MFOL Arcadia officer sophomore Aviya Ramji. 

Additionally, a few officers of MFOL Arcadia made a recent trip to Monterey Park to watch President Biden speak in response to the Monterey Park mass shooting, in which a gunman took the lives of 11 people and injured nine others on Jan. 21. In his speech, President Biden shared kind words about the victims, whose innocent lives were cut short by senseless violence. He also offered support to the victims’ grieving families. Furthermore, President Biden also addressed gun violence in the U.S., pledging to implement reforms via executive order to strengthen gun laws in our nation. 

“Him saying that this is the reality of the nation we live in was in my opinion, both reasonable and heartbreaking,” said MFOL Arcadia officer sophomore Austin La. “However, this statement was not one that hasn’t been made before. While I’m content to see something being done, there is a long road before we can fully memorialize the lives lost. While this is a positive step forward, there is still more to be done to prevent this from happening repeatedly in our nation.”

“In all honesty, our team has learned a lot,” continued La. “The fact that we were able to witness firsthand how devastating this was for the Monterey Park neighborhood really opened our eyes to the wider issue and highlighted the pressing need for more gun control regulations in our nation.”

In the near future, MFOL Arcadia hopes to hold a care package-making event to help homeless people in need. As for now, MFOL Arcadia continues to empower and inspire students to create change in our community and beyond.


Photo courtesy of MFOL