Prom Rizz

Kaitlynn Trinh, Staff Writer

As spring approaches, Arcadia High School’s (AHS) prom is creeping up on us. Prom is an iconic high school dance that many attend with a date. However, asking someone out to prom can be difficult or daunting. Are you a junior or senior struggling to ask out your person of interest to prom? Well, don’t worry; The Arcadia Quill team is here to help! 

Asking someone to prom is no easy task, mentally and physically (in some cases) as some promposals require more physical effort. Throughout many decades at AHS, students have come up with varying and creative ways of asking their loved ones out! Compiled in this article are a few different methods some of our AHS alumni have used to rizz someone up for prom. 

Asking someone to prom is undoubtedly nerve-racking, but in most scenarios, the outcome is worth the risk.

AHS alumni Dylan Wei shared his thoughts on his pre-prom anxiety. 

“Initially, I was really scared to ask out my then crush to prom because of the risk she’[d] say no, Wei said. “But, through all my friends’ motivation and urging, I was able to gather enough courage to ask her out. Honestly, I was deciding [between] two ways of asking her to prom: by making a poster or writing a song for her. Although it was a tough decision, I chose to make a poster because singing [seemed] too scary.” All in all, the end result was amazing. Although I spent nearly two hours making a poster for her, she said yes, and I like to think my artistic skills really helped me in the chance category.” 

Wei proposed using a simple, yet memorable method of creating a poster to ask someone to prom. Well done! 

AHS alumni Sharron Lui shared another creative method to ask someone to prom. 

“I created a plan with my friends to organize a flash mob to ask out my boyfriend,” explained Lui. “We choreographed a dance to ‘Future Husband’ by Meghan Trainer. It was a lot of work and time invested, but it was worth his reaction and he said yes. Honestly, if you’re willing to put in the effort, especially the time, and you have a [strong] bond with your friends, I suggest doing something like this. My boyfriend still brings it up from time to time, proving it’s memorable.” 

Lui definitely took the lengthy approach to ask someone out, but it was all worth it in the end. Great job, Lui! 

However, sometimes, we don’t need to be flashy to ask someone out to prom. At times, being discreet is best suited for a situation. AHS alumni Kody Trinh shared his experience.

“Immediately, I knew I was going to take a more discreet and quiet approach. To be front, being [flashy] is not my thing. I took some time during an idle school day to bake a few cupcakes. On the cupcakes, I wrote the individual letters of ‘prom’.” 

Trinh added, “The next day during school, I drove my crush to Starbucks and showed her the cupcakes and asked her out formally, but quietly. Luckily, she said yes!” 

As shown, being extravagant isn’t always necessary. Baking desserts for someone sounds so sweet! Thanks, Trinh! 

Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to say otherwise, not all promposals work out. AHS alumni Hannah Wang shared her unfortunate experience.

“I’ve always been a really shy girl, but I racked up enough courage to ask my crush back then to prom during junior year,” she said. “With encouragement from my closest friends, I felt confident and asked him over text. I was aware of the risk of him saying no, but I didn’t expect him to be so blunt about it. I was heartbroken about it for some time, but I eventually got over it and still had fun at prom, with my girls obviously.” 

Wang demonstrates that someone else’s rejection shouldn’t define a possible prom rejection. At the end of the day, you should always prioritize yourself over another. 

To our junior and senior Apaches looking to ask someone to prom, The Quill wishes you the best of luck! We hope we encouraged or motivated you to take action! Good luck!