Athlete Feature: Juliana Wong 

Linda Zhang, Staff Writer

With strenuous and exhausting practice everyday, Sophomore Juliana Wong made it to the Arcadia High School (AHS) Girls JV Track Team. Introduced to running long distance in middle school, Wong was immediately drawn to the sport, and it quickly turned into one of her biggest passions. Being a part of the track team requires tons of commitment from the athlete. For example, the team practices for 1-2 hours after school in preparation for upcoming meets. Moreover, after practices on Wednesdays and Friday, Juliana and her teammates are required to complete a series of weight training exercises to strengthen their muscles. Despite the hardships, Juliana thoroughly enjoys practicing with her team. 

“I love this team because it is an escape from the stress of school and our fellow members are like family,” said Wong. 

Being a part of the team and coping with academics demands serious time management skills from the talented athletes. According to Juliana, on Mondays the team is  tasked with running a total of 1200m, on Tuesdays they run around the stadium, on Wednesdays the team runs 1000m, on Thursdays they run a combination of 6-minute jocks with 3-minute sprints, and on Fridays the team races as if they are in an actual meet. With weeks and weeks of hardcore preparation, Juliana is ready to showcase what her and her teammates can do. 

“I will be competing in my first meet on Feb. 18th at the Pacific League Mini Meet,” said Wong. 

From the day-to-day practices with her team, Juliana acknowledges the importance of teamwork and cooperation. She has expressed that whenever she feels like she has reached her limit, her teammates always encourage her to push herself further. Although this is her first time being on the AHS track team, she has already made lots of great connections with her fellow teammates. 

“The people and the environment of this team are wonderful, and I have made many friendships on this team,” said Wong. 

Joining a sports team for the first time, Wong was at first unsure whether she had made the right decision, for she spent her first year of high school participating in performing arts, such as dancing and playing in the orchestra. However, she was reassured when she was met with the welcoming atmosphere of the team. Although the practices after school everyday are draining and tiring, Juliana is always rewarded with a sense of pride after she has broken her limit. Keep up the hard work and best of luck to Juliana at the Pacific League Mini Meet!