2023 French Exchange Program

Madison Yee, News Editor

For the 2022-2023 school year, Arcadia High School’s (AHS) French program welcomed a second group of students from France for two weeks. Residing in Arcadia from Jan. 26 to Feb. 8, the French exchange students created lifelong bonds with their hosts, who brought them around AHS to give them the opportunity to fully immerse in the American experience. 

From Santa Monica and Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood and Little Tokyo, the French students visited famous California landmarks, exploring the Griffith Observatory, Universal Studios, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Huntington Gardens, The Broad, and the Arts District. Additionally, some of the hosts brought them on exciting trips to go to Six Flags, play laser tag, go bowling, go shopping, experience parties, and go dancing. 

During their two days at AHS, the exchange students also had the opportunity to stop by various classes such as Sports Medicine and Food Science, while learning more about what it is like to go to high school in America. 

Reminiscing on the memories made, senior host Agnes Eng voiced how she loved embarking on all the activities, in which her favorite part was “staying up on the weekends, doing late night drives, and taking [her] French student Anais to [her] favorite places in town.”

This program is truly a once in a lifetime experience, and not only does it allow hosts to share the fun aspects of living in Arcadia, it also gives them the chance to grow their French knowledge at the same time. 

“I learned more about [Anais’] life back home in France. My French is horrible, but she was willing to speak and learn more English words. I learned to be more open minded because I made new friends stepping out of my comfort zone!” Eng exclaimed. “It was scary at first, adjusting to another person’s presence in your house, but Anais and I had a chance to bond. By the end of two weeks, it seems as if she was a long time friend to me.”

Senior French exchange student Nathan de Joannès also reflected on the two weeks with a similar outlook. 

“This trip allowed me to improve my English skills, but it was also very rich in exchanges between different cultures,” said Joannès. “The closeness with the pen pals and all the activities we shared with them made this exchange exciting and unforgettable.”

All in all, the French exchange program was once again a success, and we look forward to the exchanges in the future!


Photos courtesy of Caroline Li