Multi-Functioning Air Fryers


Ziming (Sarah) Wang, Staff Writer

Once in a while, everyone has a sudden craving for fries in the middle of the night. But the thought of turning on the fryer, pouring in half a gallon of vegetable oil, getting the greasy stench in your hair, and finally dumping out the leftover fat which can cost up to 40 dollars per liter is enough to diminish however big an appetite you had. Luckily, a more ethical method is at hand. 

The trend of air frying has spiked over the past few years, as showcased in cooking videos, and has led to the development of convenient recipes that normally require an hourly process to make. Just fill the basket, spray a little fat, set the temperature, and done! Fried food with minimum effort. 

The air fryer uses the method of convection heat transfer—a process of heating the air on the bottom of the fryer, causing the hot air to rise and cooking the food in the process. The flowing hot air dries the food’s outside and steams the inside, mimicking the texture of crispiness favored in fried foods. Furthermore, air fryers have been proven to cut calories by 70% to 80% compared to foods that are cooked in grease. These benefits led to the craze over these devices, with some cooks even going to the extent of making air-fried meals for an entire day.

However, the reason for the air fryer craze does not end only in its compatibility but is also affected by current circumstances. Because of the pandemic, the stay-at-home policy denied people access to restaurants; and many were tired of cooking three meals a day by hand. As a result of the mass-seeking convenience, the air fryer market is predicted to face rapid growth in profit in the next few years. 

“We use air fryers a lot for frying chicken, making rice, making French fries, heating up food, literally anything,” said junior Kinsey King. “It’s really helpful and convenient as we don’t have to use a bunch of pots and pans or the oven to make a meal.”

“Things become soggy and taste awful when I reheat them in the microwave,” said junior Michael DerMovsesian. “I think having an air fryer can really make my life easier.”

The growing fame of air fryers can also be proven beneficial, as these devices are environmentally friendly and very sustainable. Air fryers don’t require much electricity to operate, as their only function is heating. The lack of grease also prevents damage to drainage systems, and the harm of these oils on the environment. Not only that, its convenience in cooking encourages healthier eating habits, which is extremely beneficial with the U.S. having 41.9% of its adults categorized as obese. 

The upsides of these devices do not stop there. Air fryers are also said to benefit a person’s life in the business aspect. Because of air fryers, many creators are able to find their place and careers on different social media platforms, thus unlocking a source of income during the pandemic. 

Air fryers pose as a symbol of modern technological advancement created to benefit our lives and the environment. So if you’re struggling with oil waste or lacking skills in cooking, it’s a sign to get an air fryer in your kitchen today. 


Photo courtesy of WIKIMEDIA COMMONS