2023 Winter Pep Assembly

Sofia Payan-Siegrist, Staff Writer

On Jan. 27, Arcadia High School students attended the annual Winter Pep Assembly—the first all-student assembly since September 2019. Student led organizations, clubs, and winter sports teams were all introduced in a fun, entertaining procession at Salter stadium. 

As students filed into their designated seating areas, Pep Band welcomed the crowd with an amazing performance. 

Then, ASB President senior Benjamin Oh welcomed students on behalf of the ASB committee. Students were encouraged to cheer for their class in a competition between students.

Following the introduction, student organizations and clubs were led on the field one by one, where they had an opportunity to say their chant and show off other cool tricks. All academic teams were featured in the rally. 

Shortly after, Pep Cheer performed, leaving the audience in awe at their jaw-dropping performance which included several flips, stunts, and synchronized choreography.

Afterwards, students participated in a relay race. The tricycle relay game required two students from each grade to run with their ankles tied together, carry their partner, and ride a tricycle to the finish line. 11th graders jumped out of their seats as one of the junior students crossed the finish line. 

Next, students had the opportunity to see Orchesis’ dazzling performance, which was complete with complex formations and spirited dancers. 

“I think Orchesis is amazing. Seeing them move and be productive, especially in the heat was incredible. Knowing that they practiced for hours really inspired me as a dancer,” said freshman Annel Garcia, as she recalled the Orchesis performance.

As Orchesis members made their way off the field, the Varsity winter sports teams lined up on the other side of the track. All Varsity winter sports teams, both boys and girls were introduced.

To top it all off, Pep Song finished the assembly with their spectacular performance. Then together, as a school, everyone sang the Alma Mater which was performed by Pep Band. 

One student, sophomore Kristy Tran, recounted her experience at her first all-school assembly. ”The dancers that performed were clearly passionate in what they were doing. And although it was hot outside, I still enjoyed the assembly,” she explained.  

All in all, this assembly was a great way to start the year and get students excited for all the future activities 2023 has to offer.