Movie Review: Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

Harini Devaguptapu, Staff Writer

The second Puss in Boots movie Puss In Boots: The Last wish, which is a Shrek sequel was released on Dec. 21 almost a decade after the first film was released. Directed by Joel Crawford, the main voice actor for Puss is Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek for the character Kitty Softpaws. The movie has a 96% rotten tomatoes score, and a 7.8/10 on IMDB, and it earned $556 million in the box office with a $90 million budget. 

The first thing I noticed when I watched the original trailer, is the change in animation style, which I think is a good choice. It makes the characters and the way the story is being told stand out and look more appealing. Crawford explained that they used a “painterly style” to accommodate with the different fairy tale characters such as Goldilocks, and the Big Bad Wolf; and to catch up with the style changes that are happening.  

Sophomore Sameeka Patil  talked about how it is a, “hysterical movie and [she] liked how they chose topics that people relate to in real life while keeping it a funny movie. [She] admired the fact that they implemented the idea of cats having 9 lives into the movie which was funny.”

The story line is made clear with the trailers and promotional videos given, although I was very entertained by Puss’ personality, the attractive visuals, and the plot which seemed interesting with what was given. Puss in Boots is an adventurous soul, and after finding out that he has used his 8 out of 9 lives, he is stuck and trying to figure out the best way to make the best of his situation and have a meaningful last life. He is accompanied by Kitty Softpaws and Purrito the dog who help him find a shooting star which they can make a wish with. The antagonists that we see in the preview are the Big Bad Wolf who symbolizes death, and Big Jack Horner who is fighting to get to the wishing star first.

Sophomore Shriya Anandsaikrishnan shared her admiration for Puss in Boots’ fierce personality that radiates through all the trailers, and the movie itself. “[She] really loves Puss and whenever [she] sees him it makes [her] laugh, and [she] is looking forward to watching the movie!”

Just as the movie starts, we see Puss in Boots’ radiant personality as he starts off by partying, singing, drinking leche, and showing off his legendary skills. What has struck out to me since the first movie is the humor and jokes of the movies, where every punchline is memorable. There were so many jokes that I can bring up off  the top of my head, and will definitely be thinking about from time to time. 

Just like the 2011 movie, the sexual tension and fire between Puss and Kitty has not changed. I find that passion between animated animals is absolutely hysterical, as there was flirting, but it adds to the hilarity of the movie. Although, in this movie there was character development between the two leads, especially in their relationship. I noticed in the first movie there was a flirtatious relationship between the two, where in this movie it has become genuine love and fondness of each other. 

After dying again, Puss realizes he isn’t immortal, and he can’t keep continuing his reckless feats without consequences. This rattles him, and, as he is at a bar drinking “heavy cream” the antagonist, Death, comes to kill him. Puss realizes he can’t defeat him, and is in fear for the first time. He then retires to Mama Luna’s and buries his previous life. With the entry of this rugged, but purehearted dog Purrito, Puss’ past life enters again with Goldilocks and the three bears as they seek his help to retrieve the map for the wishing star. Puss sees this as an opportunity to get his lives back.

Puss encounters his past lover Kitty Soft Paws and Goldilocks at Jack Horner’s trophy room, who was an absolutely ridiculous and huge antagonist who was after the wishing star to wish to have all the world’s magic. He is the one who is absolutely “dead inside”, with no regards to human life. They all set off to find the wishing star for their own reasons. 

I admired the different charming qualities Puss, Kitty, and Purrito had. Puss and Kitty had more cynical but loveable personalities, and Purrito was purely naive and good natured. This was seen through the personalized map routes to the wishing star for each of them. It was hard for them to deny Purrito’s friendship. Their bonds get stronger throughout the journey, as Puss and Kitty’s trust is rebuilt, and Puss allows Purrito’s companionship. 

Towards the middle of the story, we discover that Puss left Kitty at the altar, telling us how deep their relationship had gotten. Puss was really obsessed with his legend status, and being a hero, so much so that he would end up being alone instead. Puss had realized the importance of his life, and the people he cared about, which Death and Kitty could clearly see. 

Goldilocks’ wish, on the other hand, was wanting a “real family”, and she tricked her bear family so she could get her wish granted. Although we can see the bond she shared with them, especially Mama, who had a rough aspect to her, but a sweetness in her voice when it came to her family. Through Baby and Goldie’s bickering and conversations, they clearly cared for each other.. Goldie came to the realization that she didn’t need that wish because she already had what she wanted. 

My favorite aspect of this movie was the fear and agitation that came from Death’s presence. His eerie whistle, glowing red eyes, and deep voice, allows you to  feel the panic that Puss is feeling. The suspense, and the growing heartbeat and widened pupils of Puss’ eyes really made me become more absorbed into the scene and movie. The fear Puss felt when he was being chased by death, was incredibly shown. This was wonderfully portrayed with the visuals and sounds which really caught my attention. The final fight scene had so much going on, but looked so graceful at the same time. The ending, where both Team Friendship and The Crime Family are really appreciating the fact that they have each other, and their bond. I also believe that the ending scene is foreshadowing a possible sequel. The last scene where Kitty, Puss, and Purrito are on the ship they are traveling to a Land Far Far Away, which is from Shrek.

Overall, this was a really good movie which passed my expectations and is definitely a must watch. In contrast this movie was more heartfelt, and sincere while the first movie was more amusing and lighthearted.


Photo Courtesy of FLICKR.COM