Boys Varsity Soccer vs Workman


Jose Gama, Staff Writer

Early into the soccer season on Nov. 29, the Arcadia High School (AHS) Boys Varsity Soccer team, lead by Coach Fransico Cantero, scored a crushing victory against Workman High School (WHS). Coming into this game, AHS had faced two losses already, but this game made up for it because of how much the team scored. Throughout the game, Arcadia maintained a solid, irreversible offensive that secured them the win against WHS. The final score was 7-0: a victory for AHS. 

The first half of the game began with Arcadia quickly securing two goals and didn’t let Workman score. AHS seemed to keep the ball in the opposing team’s area, preventing any successful counter-offensives. One player who really stuck out was Arcadia’s #20, senior Evan Yn, who is a left striker and was very fast on the field. He’d go on to score a goal for the team and help secure the game. The defenders on the WHS soccer team had lots of trouble preventing the AHS offensive from scoring. The rest of the quarter would continue with no other goals, leaving the score at 2-0.

After the first half, both teams would huddle up and talk about their game plans for the second half. Right away as the second half started, Arcadia scored another goal. With around 35 minutes left in the game, #10, senior Wesley Chen,  scored another point on Workman. Five minutes later, 2 more goals are scored on WHS by #16, junior Zachary Chung, and Yn. The final goal was scored by #6, senior Nathan Holmes, who shot from 20 yards away. It was ultimately a great game for Arcadia with the final score being 7-0.

Throughout the game, the WHS goalie did not seem to do well with guarding AHS strikers, and this was definitely a big factor in the team’s loss. In addition to this, the AHS team seemed to be able to navigate the field better and communicate much better than WHS. The guests of AHS also did not seem to have as good of individual talent as AHS.

Workman’s players were seen being a little physical throughout the game, repeatedly grabbing AHS player’s hands and pushing aggressively. The referees did have to step in to stop this, and the game carried on with great sportsmanship for the rest of the match. At the end, both teams shook hands in order to demonstrate respect for one another. Overall, another great victory for the Boys Varsity Soccer team, and another great victory for Arcadia!

Photo by Veronica Meyers