The Importance of Celebrities

Anna Odell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Everyone knows about celebrities, and many of us either look up to one or enjoy the content that they produce. What many people don’t realize, however, is the importance of these celebrities and the positive impact they have on our lives. 

Many celebrities send out important messages. For example, Lizzo’s message of body positivity and self-love or Harry Styles’ message to treat people with kindness. Their messages help their followers’ self-esteem while motivating others to be kind to those around them and even themselves. After hearing the positivity that some famous people broadcast, we may be able to work on our self-esteem and improve our attitude toward the world. 

In addition, many celebrities are more open about their struggles which can help their supporters feel less alone. Celebrities can also “help to reduce stigma and raise awareness,” stated Newport Academy

Demi Lovato is a great example of this. She has been very open about her struggle with bipolar disorder, depression, alcoholism, and eating disorders. Being transparent about these sorts of issues can help followers and supporters understand that even the people we idolize aren’t perfect and go through difficulties as well. Her show “Dancing with the Devil” is honest about what she went through. People were able to understand her struggles and even feel less alone. 

They also show their vulnerability and discuss their psychological problems. They show that they’re real people, making them likable,” said Brillianto

Celebrities can also inspire us to work towards our goals. Many people idolize celebrities who have worked hard to be where they are which can motivate them to work hard as well. This influence is important because we all deserve some kind of motivational force in our lives. For example, after Harry Styles left the famous One Direction band, he worked incredibly hard to become a huge pop star. Although he already had fame, starting a solo career is incredibly difficult. Many of his fans look up to this. Because of him, they are motivated to follow their dreams. His story is inspiring to many who want to be where he is or even people who just want to push themselves to do better. 

Not only do celebrities motivate us, but they can also stand for communities or minorities that their followers support as well. They can represent groups that are underrepresented and can serve as role models for people that are a part of a minority. For example, Elliot Page. His journey in discovering his gender identity and sexuality as well as his success is one that many people may look up to. Because he already had a big platform, coming out as transgender was stressful for him, yet he was met with a lot of positive reinforcement from his fans, and his success only grew. This is incredibly important in helping people feel less alone and can help them feel as though they can go anywhere in life if they try hard enough. His story can help those who feel lost regarding their sexuality or gender realize that other people are going through similar things. 

Personally, certain celebrities give me something to focus on when life gets hard. They are a constant reminder that things do get better, and if we all push through tough times, we can achieve greatness. For example, Harry Styles has had a big influence on my life. When life seemed to be getting hard, I would think of how his life before fame wasn’t easy either, and this motivates me to get through whatever life throws at me. 

Many celebrities bring awareness to or support certain political topics that are important in our society. By watching what they say or post on social media, we can even educate ourselves on the topics that they are familiar with and can come up with our own opinions on the subject. Taylor Swift, for example, spoke out about the Black Lives Matter movement when the protests were at their peak in 2020. Because of this, her fans may have been more inclined to learn about the situation.   

Overall, celebrities serve many purposes beyond just being famous. Celebrities help motivate us, boost our self-esteem, represent our struggles, and allow us to realize that no one is perfect. It’s important to look up to celebrities or even simply recognize them so that we, as a society, have something in our lives that represents us and encourages us for the better.