Welcoming the New Year


Harini Devaguptapu, Staff Writer

2022 is coming to an end, and with that is the start of a new beginning. Before we step into the new year, we should have time to spend for ourselves to get refreshed and relaxed. We have time to reflect on the year we have lived and prepare for how we are going to live in the upcoming year. 

We are filled with inspiration for how to move forward with our year and how to make the best of it. By completing resolutions for the past year and creating new ones for the next year, we may be preoccupied with the idea of it all. We may get distressed because we didn’t meet certain expectations for the year, but it is important to accept what you have done in the year, and move on. Letting go of what will become the past, and stepping into the future. Moreover, it is important to make plans that are realistic which will make a difference in what you achieve in the coming years. 

We have all lived through a long year, and we deserve to take a step back and appreciate everything that we have accomplished and everything we have around us. We can do this by soaking in every moment and cherishing the incredible times we all have, and filling our moments with as much peace and happiness we possibly can as we ease into the year. This will move the negative feelings of the new year and encourage hope for a fulfilling year ahead. 

Although the idea of letting go of this year and moving into a new one may be hard to process, it’s important to think and process the time we have lived and move forward the best way we can by putting the best version of ourselves and starting fresh. Confronting and accepting the parts of ourselves we wish to move past, and focus on becoming and doing the best for yourself. In hopes of a good year, prepare to work hard to achieve everything you want and need for a better future. 

There will be difficult and challenging moments, but the best thing to do is to keep working towards what you need to achieve, making a plan to keep moving forward and working towards a place where you can finally be free, fulfilled, and happy. 

Working toward making new connections and relationships is also important. Talking to people who have truly worked hard to get to where they are now, and are currently working to achieve something, can be inspiring and help us motivate ourselves. Building these relationships can bring us to a place where we are encouraged to work for the better. Meeting people who make you feel good, and feel peace and strength, is something that is truly essential and working toward this for the year is beautiful and will help make your progress of the year to come better.

In the world of chaos, there is so much the world has to offer. There is rich deep rooted history, beauty, culture, and nature surrounding us and it’s important to appreciate and immerse ourselves into that world which can offer us peace, and strength, and can encourage us to get the best from the world, and ourselves. 

There are many ways to approach the New Year, and stepping into the New Year with the best intentions will help relieve the tensions that come with the time. You can get into it being strong, and fulfilled knowing that you are doing the right thing.