World Cup Game: Morocco vs. France


Harini Devaguptapu, Staff Writer

The 2022 World Cup semi finals on Dec. 14 at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar was a close game played with France against Morocco. They played extremely well to the end, keeping all viewers at the edge of their seats with tension and thrill from the events of the game. The match ended with a score of 2-0 with France in the lead, making this the fourth World Cup Finals game they entered since 1998, which is twice as many as any other nation.

The players started the game off by warming up the field, but it slowly heated up, and they were working hard every second. The first goal was made by Theo Hernandez, a French defender, in the first five minutes. The ball flew to him, and he pounded it to the back post and volleyed it past Yassine Bounou, Morocco’s goalkeeper. 

Morocco was playing really well to the end, making it a hard competition for France. They nearly scored a goal, as Jawad El Yamiq’s overhead kick almost made it, but Hugo Lloris from Les Bleu palmed the ball away. They also had to substitute two players because of injuries such as Nayef Aguerd, as he hurt his hamstring during the warm ups, and Romain Swaiss who had to go out 20 minutes in. However, they equally played with strength as they forced the ball away from France, making them lose their goal.

The final goal from France was made by Kolo Muani, as Kylian Mbappe half shot dribbled to the goal, and Muani pounced to make the second shot. Muani’s shot was the third fastest goal made by a substitute player in World Cup history. 

Sophomore Jackie Aguilar shared her excitement towards the victory of France in the semifinals as she felt, “very happy that France will be competing in the finals again which is going to be a very interesting game to watch.”

Hernandez talked about his feeling of winning and playing at the World Cup. He explains how “Playing two World Cup finals in a row is an incredible moment. [They] did a good job, it was hard, but [they] are in the final. [They] will work hard to win this final.” 

Morocco has been the first team from Africa to play for the World Cup, and their performance in this game was phenomenal. The Moroccan soccer team manager, 

Walid Regragui shared how, “They gave the maximum, that’s the most important,” and the other things that may not have gone well for them doesn’t take away from the effort they put into the game. 

France victory means they will be playing against Argentina on Dec 17, who in an earlier game with Croatia won 3-0 on Tuesday Dec. 13, and they will be facing each other for the first time. 

Photo courtesy of WIKIMEDIA COMMONS