Athlete Feature: Wayne Wiarta

Ziming (Sarah) Wang, Staff Writer

The upcoming Boys Varsity Volleyball season of Arcadia High School (AHS), beginning in spring next semester, is one that piques the interests of many due to their past top performances in CIF (California Interscholastic Federation). Recently, I had the honor to interview Senior Wayne Wiarta, who looks forward to making great accomplishments in his final year in volleyball at AHS.

Last year, Wiarta played the position of Defense Specialist which mainly revolves around receiving the opponent’s serves in the back row—a role requiring superior skills in reaction speed and ball control and an important position who gets the first touch on the ball and ultimately influences the team’s performance. 

Wiarta started volleyball during his time at Foothills Middle School (FMS) in 7th grade, making him quite an experienced player with six years of playing. Since he started, Wiarta has tried out for several clubs outside of school such as San Gabriel Elite and Forza1 West, two of the top clubs in Southern California. Although Wiarta claimed that he “only played one full year with Forza”, his skill level and dedication was sufficient enough to earn him a position of captain in freshman year and finally a place in the AHS Boys Varsity Volleyball Team, which has proven to be extremely competitive with copious tryout candidates each year. 

“My experiences aren’t the most vast since my time in club volleyball was quite short.” Wiarta stated, “But I’ve traveled to various places for tournaments and games, and also have gone to watch college games with teammates.”

Since this year is his final school year at AHS, Wiarta is determined to make this season impactful for himself and his teammates. Like all athletes striving for success, Wiarta is insistent on making it far in CIF this year.

“This upcoming season, I’m looking to obviously qualify for CIF with … a first in league championships. But also break past round one of playoffs, then we’ll see what comes after.”

Of course, dedication and the willingness to make sacrifices always roots from passion. When asked about what he liked most about volleyball, Wiarta stated that he “enjoys how volleyball is a sport heavily emphasized on teamwork” and how “with a good team individuals can shine and advance the pace of the game.” 

“I believe that it’s all mental. From the motivation, the awareness, and focus,” said Wiarta.

Keeping a healthy balance between school and sports always proves to be a challenge for most athletes. To become sufficient in being as productive as possible, Wiarta suggests student athletes work on  “developing a structure or a self-made schedule.” and “taking meaningful breaks which really makes a difference.”

Consisting of many motivational players like Wiarta, we cannot wait to see what the Boys Varsity Volleyball Team has in store for us this year! Best of luck to all players in accomplishing their goals, and keep an eye out for their games after winter break to show your support!

Photo by Sarah Wang