Holiday Spirit Week

Juliette Fang, Staff Writer

As we prepare for the holiday season at home, ASB has put students in a festive mood here at Arcadia High School (AHS) with their Holiday Spirit Week events. From Dec. 9 to Dec. 12, ASB hosted the Holiday Spirit Week with a theme for each day. Photos from the week can be found on ASB’s Instagram

On Zoom Meeting Monday, students dressed up with professional attire on top, but casual wear on the bottom. This was reminiscent of dressing up for virtual classes during the pandemic, with formal tops giving the impression of professionalism, while unseen pajama pants secretly provided comfort. 

Then on Tartan Tuesday, students dressed up in their favorite plaid-patterned outfits. Some popular garments included red plaid pajama pants and flannel shirts.

White-out Wednesday had students dressing up all in white, in honor of the winter snow that always eludes Southern California.

“It’s good to…dress up and have some fun, and see other people dressing up the same as you,” said Historian freshman Flora Tan. 

On Salad Dressing Thursday, lowerclassmen dressed up in cowboy attire and upperclassmen came ready for a tropical vacation—an idea that ASB picked up from TikTok. Though the reason for this may not seem obvious, lowerclassmen were meant to be ranch, and the upperclassmen were thousand island sauce. During lunch, ASB provided hot chocolate and temporary tattoos. For the activities, students were brought back to their elementary school days with four square and tug of war. 

Bringing the week to a close, Frosty Friday saw students dressed up in their best holiday gear, from Santa hats to ugly sweaters. At lunch, students had the opportunity to take photos with Santa at the Rally Court. Pep Band also played holiday classics, such as “Jingle Bell Jam” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Holiday songs also played over the PA system in between classes, making the whole school sound festive and fun. 

“I also thought the music performance was pretty cool,” commented freshman Elaine Zhou. 

“The festive wear was really fun and I had a great time dressing up for it,” added freshman Anisha Singh. “It really showed the holiday spirit!”

  This year’s Holiday Spirit Week was a great way for students and faculty to enjoy fun activities and come together for the holidays. Thank you to ASB for organizing this wonderful event, as well as to all the students and faculty who participated!


Photo courtesy of AHS ASB