Thank You, The Arcadia Quill Staff

Thank You, The Arcadia Quill Staff

Enzo Goebel, Editor-in-Chief

Indomitable editors, imperious editors in chief, and staff writers willing to fight tooth and nail for their work; the newsroom is a place as barbarous as it is beautiful. A place, that is often, riddled with innovation and opportunity as well as community. Although I’ve always been keen to pick up a pen, my love for journalism wasn’t fully realized until my freshman year of high school when I became a staff writer for The Arcadia Quill. The four years that ensued, filled with passionate peers and a steep learning curve, would serve to highlight my high school experience.

Unlike many campus organizations, The Quill is a completely student-run publication. Students who invest hours of work to write well-researched articles, produce original media, create innovative design spreads, run a website, and the endless other necessities of maintaining a school newspaper. Each position demands a unique role: staff writers are undeniably the backbone of the organization producing the bulk of content, whereas editors are in charge of managing all the moving pieces.

Needless to say, the road to a successful publication is not without its obstacles. Each year presents its own adversity, and new staff means learning how to work together, and chemistry is not always a given. From a contested name change to the dreaded annual Style-Guide Test to getting to know one another by name, each year the publication has its own personality. 

In honor of this year’s “Arcadia Appreciation”, I look to The Quill staff who have made—and continue to make—our school newspaper both relevant and possible. For the hard work that continues to be put in, and for the courage to find words at a time so crucial to write them; I am thankful for our staff. Thank you, staff writers who accept edit after edit and have the strength to stand up for their ideas. Thank you, editors who have empowered the voices of your peers and troubleshooted Creative Cloud countless times. 

With a rigorous course load, and extracurriculars, writing for the school newspaper is not a job for just anyone. So to stress the value of those who juggle everything on top of their The Quill duties is paramount. Thank you to The Quill staff for your hardwork and dedication!


Photo courtesy of @arcadiaquill (INSTAGRAM.COM)