Thank You, My Rabbit


Harini Devaguptapu, Staff Writer

I was always afraid to lose something, so I made sure to enjoy and feel the moment as I had it. This enhanced every memory of mine and enabled me to experience everything with greater feeling. Although I thought that this would take away the pain of losing something, I learned that it doesn’t necessarily do that. Having something you cherish greatly taken away from you makes your heart ache. It doesn’t matter how well you spent the time you had with them, you always want more. 

Cloud Devaguptapu, my rabbit, gave me so much. In a time where I had loneliness surrounding me, he helped me realize that it’s okay to be alone. His presence alone made me realize that my company was the best company I would need. He encouraged me to talk to myself, be free and courageous when I was with myself. Initially, I would always feel uptight and confined when I was by myself, but when I was with Cloud, I let myself go loose and enjoyed myself. I would talk to Cloud, and talk to myself and just play with him and dance around as he sat there judging me, but also minding his own business. Weirdly enough, he respected me. 

He had a unique personality for a rabbit. He was carefree and did whatever he wanted. He would do whatever he could to make me give him the snacks. He knew how much I adored him, so he would hang around me until I gave up a treat. But he was also sweet. He would give me little rabbit kisses and then go back to sleep in his little loaf position like nothing happened. He would also never hurt us. He would be extra careful to not bite us while we were feeding him something. He was a very curious rabbit. He loved to go and explore the different rooms and small spaces that he could eventually take over. He loved to jump on people and walk all over them. He had us all whipped for him, honestly. 

I made sure to take pictures of everything. Whenever he was sleeping, eating, or running around hyper and full of energy, I captured everything I could, making sure I had something to look at after. I am thankful I did this, but there can never be enough. 

Thank you, you little white fur ball, for being the way you were, and coming into my life. I appreciate it more than words can say. Your company allowed for my life to be filled with great bliss and every moment was good. I loved every second I spent with you. Although I don’t know where you are, I’ve made peace with it the best I could. I hope you’re living a great rabbit life wherever you are. I hope you’re running around with the other rabbits on the grass, eating lettuce and occasionally a sweet treat like a banana or an apple, your favorites. You impacted my life greatly, in ways I never knew a rabbit could. You’re my family, my home, and you will always be my little guy. I love you.