Thank You, Mrs. Chin

Thank You, Mrs. Chin

Linda Zhang, Staff Writer

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is time to give credit to those who have helped us to grow and succeed. An important aspect of my life right now, writing, was of little interest to me a few years ago before my encounter with my 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Chin. Without her, I can confidently say that I would have spent a few more years trying to discover my passion. Not only am I thankful for the impact that she had made in my life, I am also grateful for her spirit, composure, and individuality as a teacher. 

“While I find teaching English incredibly rewarding, I find the greatest joy in being a teacher for all students. I know that every student has many tapped and untapped strengths and gifts. The greatest joy is for me to hear about the paths my current and former students take to become productive citizens of the world–and they forge many varied roads and paths for themselves, each with their own unique story,” said Mrs. Chin. 

Mrs. Chin demonstrated care towards every student by taking the time to make encouraging and detailed comments on almost all assignments and projects. Not only did this prove to students that their work is being appreciated, it also motivated them to continue working hard in her class. In other words, care and respect between teachers and students goes in both directions. Because Mrs. Chin had taken extra time to closely observe each student, the students, likewise, enjoyed her class and appreciated her as their teacher. 

Always greeting students with a positive attitude and high spirits, the atmosphere of Mrs. Chin’s classroom was always welcoming. For example, she often started class by sharing memorable events in her life or asking students to share about their day, allowing a moment of relaxation for students who might’ve had a stressful day. Moreover, Mrs. Chin reduced the stress of her students by giving them a reasonable amount of time to deliver quality work for each assignment. Nevertheless, she also took extra effort to ensure that her teaching materials are interesting and enjoyed by the students. 

Last but not least, the encouraging conversations that I’ve had with Mrs. Chin motivated me to continue writing despite balancing a heavy workload from school and other activities. Because English was not my first language, I was never confident enough to express myself in such a way. However, Mrs. Chin continuously showed signs of approval towards my work, breaking the restraints that I had set for myself in writing. The fast-fleeting year that I spent with her taught me how freedom in writing comes from the freedom of the mind, thus a writer’s ideas shall not be held back by any restraint.