Thank You, Plants, Flowers, and Trees


Harini Devaguptapu, Staff Writer

I always look towards the life that’s growing around us. The little plants and flowers I can brush by as I am walking, and the huge trees that take up the land that are extremely relaxing to look at. As the leaves sway with the wind, I find myself in harmony with the beauty of the nature of this. 

I can look at the lovely flowers for ages. They hang perfectly by the stem, so gracefully holding their heads up high in confidence. I look at this beauty and my mind fills with an extreme state of ease. The beautiful colors of the petals shine so brightly, yet delicately touch my heart. My stress goes away, and I am just in the moment as I appreciate it all. 

As I pass by the different plants, there are so many different things these plants can be, and can do. Each plant does multiple processes such as photosynthesis and transpiration. It does all these complicated processes while still staying strong. It’s a beautiful thing that can be admired. I wonder what flowers, and fruits they make. I also recognize the fact that this plant is currently making oxygen which I am breathing to live, and I am giving it the carbon dioxide which it is using to make food. I look at this phenomenal plant and appreciate everything about it. With that, my mind is in a peaceful state focusing on the grace of the plant. 

Looking at the different trees that are hovering above, I see how powerful and encouraging the trees are. There are trees that are over 100-years-old, and have seen everything, and there are the younger smaller trees that have just started their journey. They shield me from the sun and keep me cool. They listen to me when I talk and offer me positive energy. I recognize it as the beautiful art from nature. It’s selfless in a way where it provides life a safe place to stay. It also stands as a symbol of peace and freshness. When I see these, I feel fulfilled. My soul has been fed and I am in a state of tranquility.  

I appreciate the sights and sounds of these, and I take in every second I have surrounding them. I thank the world for providing us with these roots of life, and I wish to be there for them and provide and help them back the way they do for us. I will protect and support them in all the ways I can, such as by saving water and using less energy. I will be more conservative with how I use the resources of the world, and do my best to preserve what we have.


Photo courtesy of NEGATIVESPACE.CO