Thank You, Journal

Thank You, Journal

Michael Hum, Staff Writer

If past Michael was writing this article, he’d laugh in your face and explain why he would never write in a diary. Eight months have passed since I started writing the journal, and I am thankful for the effects writing the journal has had on my personal life. But I never really wanted to start one in the first place.

I started writing a journal as a byproduct of a film project, where I received an old German typewriter from my cousin to help with the film. I wanted to use it more, and at the time, I needed typewritten documents as props. I started using the typewriter to write a journal on Mar. 1, so I could reflect on my thoughts and have the documents needed for the project.

Although I didn’t initially expect the positive results of writing the journal, it did give me a bit of solace that I can healthily lash out at the world and can comfortably discuss anything that would be too controversial or unpopular. Fast forward to the present day, and the main thing I’m thankful for in the journal itself is that I have a comfortable way to vent about my thoughts and resolve any potential conflicts I have in my life. I have to remind myself that it’s important to slow down and reflect on how far I’ve progressed.

The anachronistic use of a typewriter when arguably better word processors and devices exist surprised me with some of the indirect effects using one has. The most significant is my increase in both typing speed and accuracy, both increasing by about 10 points. The process of restoring the typewriter also helped me figure out how to fix older machines and devices, so I have the ability to fix more props or devices I currently possess.

It’s amazing how destiny changes a person. I never expected in my current academic career that a hundred or so pages of letter-sized paper with words on it could help a person. But, experiencing writing a journal made me realize one thing: I’m thankful that I made one all that time ago.


Photo courtesy of PEXELS.COM