Thank You, Parents


Pamina Yung, Features Editor

As an only child, I am very high maintenance, and there are no better two people in the world to watch over and guide me besides my parents. 

My mom and dad are my backbone and have always done what was in my best interest. Since I was young, they engaged me in different programs and extracurriculars, such as ballet and painting, so I could find what I liked and hopefully pursue one of them, or at least develop a hobby, passion, or skill. But these opportunities and privileges weren’t free and required my parents’ hard work and self-sacrifice from before I was born and throughout my lifetime. All the blessings my parents have given me came from their own pockets and deep down in their hearts. I cherish my parents for helping me discover the things I love and what I want to accomplish in life.

I’m also grateful to my parents for simply raising me well. My parents are the epitome of tough love and, looking back, I know my parents disciplined me for my own benefit. They were always aware of how their habits rubbed off on me and how their behavior influenced mine. They genuinely cared about shaping me into a person with manners and empathy. Because of this, I feel like I have matured well and inherited many admirable qualities from both of my parents!

Now that I’m a senior focusing on college applications and mapping out the next four years of my life, my parents have gone above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable and enjoying my final bit of high school. They have done me many small and big favors like asking and getting me what I want for dinner (which is always Hainan chicken) and funding my various baking and crocheting endeavors. This school season is the pinnacle of my secondary education, and my parents understand that it’s full of stress and pressure to succeed. I almost feel guilty that they’ve been pampering me so much recently! I appreciate that my parents love me so much and want me to have a smooth, happy transition as I leave the nest.

My parents were never ones to often explicitly tell me that they loved me, but they constantly shower me with their love through acts of service. Raising a child is not an easy feat, and I think my parents did their absolute best! I give enormous thanks to my parents for giving me wonderful experiences throughout my childhood and always putting me first. I love and appreciate them for each small thing they do every day and their unending support for me!