Thank You, Brother

Thank You, Brother

Katrina Reghitto, Staff Designer

As November rolls around, the idea of appreciating different people and objects is becoming more and more popular. Some people notice a friend whom they could never imagine life without. Others find a pet or family member to care for. I think about my brother.

He has been there for me my entire existence. When I was younger I believed that he deserved to stand on a pedestal looking down on me. His computer skills and smarts are uncomparable. He has always had his life in order, knowing exactly what he wanted to be since he was a young child. Throughout my life, as I have watched him, I have admired him. As he works towards his goal, he deserves to be known and have people thankful for him.

His actions and thoughts fill my life with joy. Whenever I ask for help in some form or another, my brother is willing to hear me out. Although he may not actually listen to me when I talk, or give me timely advice, he is always there in the end to help me with any problems I might have to the best of his abilities. Sometimes, he finds me after I’ve forgotten about it and still need to do it, like an unconventional alarm clock. 

A few years ago, he was attempting to teach me how to cook. Sadly, he didn’t know how to cook either. He found a lovely recipe that we had none of the ingredients for and decided to start cooking. We learned a lot that day: plastic can melt, parent supervision is not a recommendation, candles burn in heat. Despite our questionable choices and the overall outcome, he proved his reliability and care for me. I am unlikely to ever do something like that again, but I loved hanging out with him like that. 

Now, he has left for college. Although I miss him sometimes, I am glad that he has so many other people who care for him. I am thankful for everything he has done and the care he still shows when he calls every night with little hesitance. Sometimes, he gets me a stuffed toy he thinks I would like, for no special occasion. I am so thankful for his connection with me and everything he has done for me. He deserves more than just a few people to be thankful for him as he’s such an important part of my life. Thank you, Brother.