Thank You, Arcadia Public Library

Juliette Fang, Staff Writer

For many Arcadia residents, the rows of wooden desks and artwork-filled display cases of the Arcadia Public Library are a familiar sight. Within walking distance of Arcadia High School (AHS), as well as First Avenue Middle School and Dana Middle School, the library is frequented by many Arcadia students. For these students, the library is a quiet safe haven for studying while simultaneously being a fixture of the community and a center of learning.

Growing up in Arcadia, some of my fondest childhood memories took place at the library. In the Jerry Lee Broadwell Children’s Room, I would not only have fun but also learn through its interactive and educational events–one of my personal favorites being a presentation on animals that featured a live anteater. I’m sure that many others who grew up in Arcadia can also attest to how the summer reading program kept their love of literature alive between school years, or how welcoming and helpful each librarian was. 

The library’s wide selection of everything from picture books to graphic novels also helped nurture my love of reading, from Harry Potter to National Geographic Kids. As I explored more of the library, I branched out into many different topics that piqued my interest and broadened my knowledge. With their vast collection of novels, comic books, ebooks, magazines, and audiobooks, the library has something for every field of interest. 

Even for those who aren’t avid readers, the library is a den of resources. As school life demands more and more from students, one can often count on the library for resources such as printers, computers, research material, 3D printers, and even an ancient microfiche. In fact, the library may be one of the only places in Arcadia where you can get your passport renewed, check out the newest book of your favorite series, and participate in an art workshop all in one location. Perhaps most importantly, the library provides a quiet, calm place to study, a commodity that’s becoming increasingly rare in a world filled with notifications and demands.

But by far one of the key aspects of the Arcadia Public Library is the role it plays in our community. For instance, the Arcadia History Room is a testament to our city’s past, with its collections filled with photographs and papers that document Arcadia’s history. Moreover, its events such as the Boba Crawl or Chinese New Year celebrations bring the whole community together through fun and educational events. 

Of course, none of the resources at the library would be possible without the amazing librarians that work there. These hardworking and often understated staff and volunteers of the Arcadia Public Library are always there to recommend a book or answer a question. They are the ones who make the Arcadia Public Library the safe and welcoming place it is.

So thank you to the Arcadia Public Library for having something for everyone, whether it be a quiet place to work or simply a good book to read.