Athlete Feature: Carlo Tawadros


Jose Gama, Staff Writer

With the Arcadia High School (AHS) JV Boys Soccer season just around the corner, Carlo Tawadros is a standout 14-year-old freshman who has been playing soccer for 10 years. As a right striker, his job is to score goals and assist in moving the ball up the field and helping his teammates score, making him an important player on the field. His résumé reflects this experience with the sport, as he has won multiple awards for his performances over the years.

Tawadros is a former student at First Avenue Middle School (FAMS) and was a key player in a soccer tournament held at the middle school, winning the entire tournament along with his team. Other clubs he’s played for include Santa Anita Soccer Club (SASC), Legend FC, and a Sunday League. Currently, he is only playing for AHS and the Sunday League. During Tawadros’ time in SASC, he won the league championship. In addition to this, his Sunday League has won championships four times, and Tawadros has earned four accolades for being the best striker of the entire league.

 He revealed his thoughts and mindset for the upcoming soccer season and the sport general.

“Our soccer team has a pretty good line up, with a lot of skilled players. However, these players are new to working together, so we need to build up the chemistry and teamwork between one another. We have a lot of good talent on this team,” Tawadros said.

“You need to have the mindset where you always think you’re the best on the field. Being prepared by practicing as much as you can is a big factor in winning. But the biggest thing you need is confidence. Soccer is all about confidence in your ability, and without it you won’t get anywhere major. No matter how much you practice, you won’t perform well if you don’t believe in yourself.”

Tawadros went on to discuss the team’s current practice, stating that, “As of now we are working on teamwork skills, getting the ball to the opposing team’s side of the field, and scoring.” 

When asked how ready he believes the AHS JV Boys Soccer team is, he added that, “With our games starting next week, we’ll be ready by then with a little bit of practice and [more] chemistry between the players. But as far as individual talent goes, we are ready and my hopes for this season are really high.”

With this track record Tawadros has, the AHS soccer team will certainly consider him a key player for this year’s season, and possibly many more to come. His experience, gameplan, and mindset are sure to get him and his team overwhelming wins against rivals of AHS.