Boys Soccer Preview

Ellie Gladson-Pang, Staff Writer

The fall sports season of 2022 brought great highs and lows to the beginning of the school year; for volleyball, football, cross country, tennis, golf, and water polo fans, the season brought a deluge of entertainment. But for soccer fans, the most sensational season of the year is only just approaching. Boys soccer season is from November to February, and Arcadia High School (AHS) Boys Varsity and Boys JV Soccer teams will not disappoint.

Looking forward to the season, both the Varsity and JV teams are doing all they can to prepare; both teams practice five times a week, running drill after drill in every possible aspect of the game. Sophomore Tommy Chuu, a returning member of the JV team, outlines a few of the facets of play the team is currently focusing on.

“We may do conditioning drills because we are out of shape, or we may do team lineup drills to improve our team chemistry,” said Chuu.

According to Chuu, team chemistry is imperative to how the team plays.

“Obviously the team will be a bit different from last year, which means it may take a few weeks for us to bond and get to know each other better. Our first scrimmage will be in two weeks, so we have to do what we can to build a strong team connection this season,” added Chuu.

Other weaknesses Chuu highlights for the JV team to work on are communication on the field, game IQ in the form of quality plays and passes, and punctuality and focus in practice. 

According to Senior Wesley Chen, a member of the Varsity Boys Soccer team, the Varsity team is looking to make some of the same improvements as the JV team, despite background together as players. 

“We have a great group of hard-working guys; some of us have actually played together since our young American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO),” said Chen. “I’m looking forward to a great season, because we have the skills, but we always need more chemistry and team camaraderie,” he continued.

On the other hand, the team also has numerous strengths that speak to the high level they play at. Both talent and dedication exist in great quantities on both the Varsity and JV levels, leading to anticipation on what their season might look like.

Both the Varsity and JV teams will play their first game of the season on Nov. 16, against Gabrielino High School (GHS), to kick off what is sure to be a great season. Good luck, Apaches!

Photo by Vanessa Valentino