Thank You, Doris

Sophia Li, Sports Editor

  The moment I walked into Doris’ attendance office, I took note of her generosity and thoughtfulness–the rows and rows of loaner shoes were clearly ready to be borrowed by any student, the bin of hygiene products was kept tidy, ready to save a day. Decor with phrases like “Be kind, be brave, be YOUtiful” sat on the wall, a clear indication of her positive outlook on life. 

Many people know her as “the locker lady”, but I know her as Doris. Doris has been a part of the Arcadia High School staff for many years. Throughout her years, she has been such a kind-hearted and welcoming person to everybody she meets, especially the Girls Cross Country team. So many times I have seen her lend a helping hand to our runners, whether it be offering them a tampon or just being a genuine person to talk to. Doris has always opened the lockers for the girls during lunch, as the girls scramble to get ready for their race in the afternoon. Similarly last year, she always trusted the team to close the locker room doors late in the afternoon, after our practices. 

Doris also takes much pride in maintaining a tidy locker room space for students to use. Late afternoons are spent checking if any belongings were left behind, which find their home in her box of lost items if the owner is not found. As the first and last one out of the locker rooms, she makes sure the lights are turned off, and all students have had a fulfilling day before leaving. Not only that, but she looks out for the best of all of her students, and lends a helping hand whenever she can. For example, one time my computer was at 4%, but I had to finish up an essay. Without hesitation, Doris came in clutch and offered me her computer charger. For about an hour, I stood in her office, typing frantically to turn the assignment in. This instance is only a drop in a bucket of water, but I believe it truly demonstrates how selfless Doris is. 

Every time I see Doris at school, she flashes me a genuine, bright smile, and a kind greeting, and we ask each other how we are. Whether she’s in the middle of filling out paperwork or taking the trash out, her kind demeanor is always present. I feel a sense of comfort and gratefulness to have someone so hardworking and kind as our locker attendant. 

Last year, as the seniors on the Girls Cross Country team finished up their last track season, Doris gifted them all red and yellow ribbon leis to celebrate their four years of hard work. Seeing the joy on everybody’s face, both the gifter and receivers, made me feel so warm in the moment. She wasn’t obliged to make their last year special, but she did anyway because of kindness. From us to her, the Girls Cross Country team and myself are so grateful to call Doris our amazing locker attendant.