Thank You, Midge


Anna Odell, Arts & Entertainment Editor

My cat, Midge, has been a big part of my life since I got her in 2015. I remember the day I stepped into the PetSmart, ecstatic to be adopting another cat. I saw Midge and her tiny little calico self in a cramped cage and knew I had to meet her. Instantly, she was all over me and friendly as ever. The adoption agency allowed me to meet her in a separate room and when I did, I knew I had to have her.

Before she was named Midge, I went through three other names, none of which fit her. Originally it was Buttercup, too long, then it was Calypso, also too long, then it was Noodle, but my family and I agreed that it didn’t fit her personality. When we first adopted her, she was a scrawny little six-month-old kitten. We felt as though the name “Midge” would convey her small stature perfectly and over time the name stuck. Although she is no longer a tiny kitten and is in fact slightly overweight, we continue to call her Midge. 

Midge and I have a strong bond, which is why I’m thankful for her. She is desperate to get into my room whether I’m in it or not, and she loves spending time with me either by sitting on my lap or trying to eat the corners of my computer. When I’m sad, she stays beside me and lets me hold her; she knows when I’m happy, and most importantly, I know she loves me. Through it all she has been by my side. To me she’s like an emotional support animal, even though she can be frustrating at times. She is and will always be my number one supporter, fan, and friend. 

I will never take her for granted. Although this is morbid, I don’t want to look back at my time with her and regret not loving her more. I am beyond grateful to be able to have someone who I know will always be by my side. I know she can’t verbally express it, but I know she supports me and that’s what is meaningful to me.