ASB Hosts Festival of Frights

Justina (Yijia) Liu, Staff Writer

To celebrate Halloween, ASB planned a lunch activity on Oct. 31 called “Festival of Frights” at the rally court. The event included temporary tattoos, star crowns, a pie-eating contest, and a costume contest for duos, groups, and best overall costumes. 

On the day of the event, ASB students dressed as aliens from Toy Story by wearing blue shirts and green headbands decorated with eyes, catching the audience’s attention and lighting up the atmosphere

The first activity was the costume contest for duos. In this event, teachers, including Mrs. Rodriguez, judged the best pair of costumes. There were many cute and wonderful costumes, including the Founding Fathers and Super Mario Bros. After long deliberation, the judges chose the Founding Fathers to win the duos competition, awarding them with brilliant prizes – stuffed animals and candies. 

“The event was so fun that I screamed and lost my voice!” said junior Shirlyn Huang. 

Next up were the best group costumes. The most appealing to the audience were a group of students dressed as Women in Black, a parody of Men in Black, an American science-fiction film. Although they didn’t win, they received much enthusiastic applause from the watching audience.

The last event of the costume contest was held to determine the best overall costume. The most popular costume was the Chainsaw Man, who wore a paper mache chainsaw helmet that caught the attention of many Chainsaw Men anime fans. However, in the end, the judges decided that the vending machine costume won best overall—another wonderful costume that many liked. 

“Their costumes are great!” said junior Shuhao Chen.

After the costume contests, students from all four grade levels took part in a pie-eating contest to try and finish a baked pie as quickly as possible. Some even got pie sauce all over their costumes. Even though it was messy, it brought tons of laughter to those watching the contest.

“The event was so fun to watch! I enjoyed watching it during lunch!” said junior Damanpreet Kaur. 

Last but not least was tattoo making. At the tattoo station, students received various tattoo stickers that were Halloween-themed and matched different costumes.

“The event is innovative and collaborative. Everyone was sharing their interest in the costumes,” said the junior Amritha Kumaran.

Overall, the event was a great experience for students who participated in the event, allowing people who couldn’t go trick-or-treating on Monday night to enjoy the Halloween atmosphere and fun.